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DP-64 (ДП-64)
ДП-64 - МВМС 2007.jpg
The Russian DP-64 Anti-Saboteur weapon
TypeGrenade launcher
Place of originSoviet Union
Service history
In serviceRussia
Used byRussian Navy
Production history
DesignerViktor Rebrikov
ManufacturerDegtyarev plant
Mass10 kg (22 lbs)
Length820 mm (32 inches)
Width110 mm (4.3 inches)
Height275 mm (10.8 inches)

Caliber45 mm (1.771 inches)
Action(side) break open
Maximum firing range400 meters (1,312 feet)
Feed system2 rounds
SightsDirect & Indirect iron sights

The DP-64 Nepryadva[1][2][3][4] is a Russian special-purpose double-barreled over/under grenade launcher designed to protect surfaced submarines, ships, dockyards, water development works, and other coastal installations from combat swimmers and naval special forces. The weapon is breech-loading and operates much like a large shotgun with a side-break breech, utilizing both direct and indirect iron sights. The weapon is capable of firing grenades indirectly at ranges up to 400 meters; however, these grenades act much like small depth charges, attacking submerged swimmers like true depth charges attack submersibles. A large polymer stock and the barrels themselves makes up the bulk of the weapon. The barrels are selected by turning a lever accommodated above the trigger guard. A front pistol grip is equipped for support and is out of alignment with the rear grip and trigger mechanism, providing a more natural grip while firing indirectly. The butt is fitted with a springy rubber pad to diminish felt recoil. Direct fire sights are also provided for use from a helicopter allowing for large areas to be patrolled and protected from enemy combat swimmers. The grenade launcher was developed in 1989 and introduced in 1990.

The DP-64 grenade launcher is now in serial production, said Pavel Sidorov, a representative of NPO Bazalt, the designer of the DP-64, at the 2015 International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi. Sidorov said that the company received a large order from Russia's Defense Ministry for the weapons. Previously, the DP-64 has only been built in small numbers for the Russian coast guard, Federal Security Service, and a handful of marine units.

Though large and somewhat unwieldy, the DP-64 serves an important role with few modern contemporaries in the small arms world.


  • Caliber: 45 mm
  • Overall length: 303 mm
  • Projectile length: 248 mm
  • Cartridge length: 55 mm
  • Shell weight: 0.65 kg
  • Cartridge type: Rimmed, Separating base
  • Operating temperature: +/- 50 °C
  • Variants-
  • FG-45 (ФГ-45) Fragmentation [14m blast radius, to 40m depth]
  • SG-45 (СГ-45) Floating Flare (red) [for ~50 seconds]
  • UG-45 (УГ-45) HE/Concussion


  •  Soviet Union
  •  Russian Federation
  •  Vietnam

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