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DPEphos structure
Preferred IUPAC name
Other names
DPEphos, Bis[(2-diphenylphosphino)phenyl] ether
ECHA InfoCard 100.203.278 Edit this at Wikidata
Molar mass 538.567 g·mol−1
Appearance white powder
Melting point 175 - 176 °C
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).

Bis[(2-diphenylphosphino)phenyl] ether, also known as DPEphos, is a wide bite angle diphosphine ligand used in inorganic and organometallic chemistry. The name DPEphos is derived from diphenyl ether (DPE) which makes up the ligand's backbone. It is similar to Xantphos, another diphosphine ligand, but is more flexible and has a smaller bite angle (104 vs 108°).[1] It is synthesized from chlorodiphenylphosphine and DPE.[2]


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