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DRC may refer to:

European humanitarianism[edit]


  • Desktop replacement computer, a personal computer that provides the full capabilities of a desktop computer while remaining mobile
  • DRC railcar, a diesel-powered self-propelled railway vehicle in Victoria, Australia
  • Design rule checking, area of Electronic Design Automation that determines if a chip design satisfies a series of parameters
  • Digital room correction, process in the field of acoustics using digital filters to enhance the input of a sound-reproduction system
  • Disaster Recovery Center, a facility for operating with backup equipment and/or data
  • Dynamic range compression, process that manipulates the dynamic range of an audio signal
  • Dynamic Reaction Cell, room placed before the traditional quadrupole room of an ICP-MS device for eliminating isobaric interferences
  • Dynamic recompilation, technique of translating the machine code of one CPU or platform into the native machine code of another for emulation
  • DARPA Robotics Challenge
  • Design rule checking, determines whether the physical layout of a particular VLSI satisfies a series of recommended parameters called Design Rules