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Daksh - Remotely Operated Vehicle developed by DRDO

Daksh is an electrically powered and remotely controlled robot used for locating, handling and destroying hazardous objects safely.[1]



Daksh is a battery-operated remote-controlled robot on wheels and its primary role is to recover bombs. Developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation, it is fully automated. It can navigate staircases, negotiate steep slopes, navigate narrow corridors and tow vehicles to reach hazardous materials. Using its robotized arm, it can lift a suspect object and scan it using its portable X-Ray device. If the object is a bomb, Daksh can defuse it with its water jet disrupter.[2] It has a shotgun, which can break open locked doors, and it can scan cars for explosives.[3] With a master control station (MCS), it can be remotely controlled over a range of 500 m in line of sight or within buildings. Ninety per cent of the robot’s components are indigenous. The Army has also placed limited series production orders for 20 Dakshs.[4] The first batch of five units was handed over to General Combat Engineers, on 19 December 2011. The technology has been transferred for production to three firms, Dynalog, Theta Controls and Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Total Containment Vessels[edit]

  • Fully automated
  • Can neutralise NBC weapons
  • Has radio frequency shield to jam remote signals for triggering a blast


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