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The DRU Superliga is the highest tier of the national rugby union competition in Denmark.

The Danish First division has 11 clubs in total divided in 2 pools. The clubs that reach the Top 3 from each Division 1 pool (East and West) go through to the Super League.

The puntuation system in the Superliga: 4 Points for a win, 2P for a tie and bonus points are given if 4 tries or more are scored and/or if the loser team has a -7 margin.

Denmark First Div[edit]


Club Location
Hamlet RK Snekkersten
DTU Exiles Lyngby
Frederiksberg Rugby Klub Frederiksberg
RK Speed Kastrup, Copenhagen
CSR/Nanok Copenhagen
Hundested Rugby Klub Hundested


Club Location
Aalborg RK Lynet Aalborg
Holstebro RK Holstebro
Aarhus Rugby Klub Aarhus
Erritsø Rugby Klub Fredericia
Odder Rugby Klub Højbjerg, Aarhus

2012 Edition[edit]

*These are the Top 3 teams of each pool that complete the 2012 DRU Superliga.

Denmark Second Div[edit]

The second division is made up with some of the 2nd XV teams of a few of the first division clubs, and others that complete the championship league. Teams such as:

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