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This article is about the product management software. For other uses, see DS2 (disambiguation).

Zuken’s DS-2 is a modular and scalablp;e electronic product lifecycle management (e-PLM) solution that has been developed for electrical and electronics design applications. The Windows-based DS-2 platform was introduced in 2004, and was preceded by Zuken's DS-1 system for electronic product data management (PDM), first launched in 1996. DS-2 goes beyond the design and manufacturing process targeted by PDM to cover the entire product lifecycle, from conceptual design through system design and manufacturing to traceability.[1] The DS-2 modules help manage library and design data, generate component lists and provide capabilities to guarantee transparency of all changes and interdependencies across all objects within a lifecycle. Due to its design-anywhere-build-anywhere capability,[2] DS-2 is intended to help companies better manage material and engineering costs. With expanded functionality, the DS-2 platform integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to bring essential information to the engineer’s desktop. As a result, users are able to choose components that fit requirements for specifications, cost, and operating environment during the planning stage.

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