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Danish State Railways T class (DSB class T) comprised three locomotives that had formerly been Prussian P 8 and later DR 38 class 4-6-0 tender locomotives. The three locomotives were held by British forces at the end of World War II. (Some sources say that this was in Norway and that the locomotives were transported to Copenhagen for repair.) In any event they ended up being purchased by the DSB and numbered in the series T 297-9. They spent most of their working lives in northern Jutland. T 297 (formerly DR 38.2877) was allocated to Aarhus and Frederikshavn and after withdrawal in the mid-1950s was used as a heating locomotive and then as a stationary boiler. It was dumped at Copenhagen (Dybblesbro) locomotive sheds in 1969 and scrapped in Hedehusene in 1970. T 298 (formerly DR 38.2126) was also allocated to Frederikshavn and after being out of use for some years there and at Skanderborg was finally sold for scrap in 1966. T 299 (formerly DR 38.2625) also spent time allocated to both Aarhus and Frederikshavn and spent some years laid aside at Skanderborg before finally being scrapped in Odense in 1973.