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DSP Group, Inc
S&P 600 Component
IndustryVoIP, Telecommunications, Communication systems
Founded1987; 32 years ago (1987)
Key people
Eliyahu Ayalon (Chairman),
Ofer Elyakim (CEO)
ProductsIP Telephony, Media Gateways,
Wireless chipsets,
Mobile VoIP
RevenueIncrease US$ 225.48 million (2010)
Decrease $ 9.68 million (2010)
Decrease $ 7.42 million (2010)
Number of employees
409 (2009)
DSP Group's development center in Israel

DSP Group, Inc. is a provider of chipsets for VoIP, multimedia, and digital cordless applications. Founded in 1987 with headquarters in San Jose, California, DSP Group employs over 400 people at three US sites and offices in Germany, Scotland, Israel, India, Hong Kong and Japan.


DSP Group was founded in 1987 by Davidi Gilo, who served as the company's CEO and Chairman until 1993.[1]

DSP Group developed the world's first telephony answering device (TAD) speech processor in 1989.[2] The company entered the digital cordless industry with the acquisition of Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) 900 MHz technology in 1999, and the subsequent development of 900 MHz narrow-band cordless and 2.4 GHz multi-handset chipset solutions.[3]

In 1993 one of the company's co-founder and its CTO Shabtai Adlersberg started a new company AudioCodes, with the initial investment provided by the DSP Group. AudioCodes grew to become a leading provider of VoIP solutions, which had an initial public offering on the NASDAQ in 1999. In 2004 DSP Group sold all its holdings in AudioCodes making a significant profit on its initial investment.[4]

In 1994 the DSP Group had an initial public offering on the NASDAQ.

In 1996 DSP Group spun off its cellular chip design and development division into a new company called DSP Communications (DSPC).[5] DSP Communications had an initial public offering on the NASDAQ the same year. In 1999 Intel bought DSP Communications for $1.6 billion USD.[6]

In November 2002, DSP's IP licensing division and the Irish company Parthus Technologies Plc were merged to form a new company called CEVA, Inc..[7]

DSP Group entered into the multimedia communications sector with the acquisition of Teleman Multimedia in 2003.[8] Incorporating VoIP and Wi-Fi technologies obtained through the acquisition of VoicePump and Bermai, DSP Group entered the residential multimedia communications over broadband market with the 2006 development of a chipset integrating DECT and Wi-Fi technologies with an application processor. DSP Group acquired NXP Semiconductors' cordless and VoIP terminals business in 2007.[9]


DSP Group provides chipsets for residential communications products in three areas:

  • Connected multimedia screens: always-on home devices such as multimedia handsets, wireless infotainment centers and Internet radios
  • VoIP cordless phones for the home and office, home PBXs with DECT access points, and home gateways
  • Digital cordless: cordless phones and headsets, digital telephone answering machines, and home monitoring/automation devices

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