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DS Logon (DoD Self-service Logon or DSL) is a secure, self-service logon ID created by the Defense Manpower Data Center as an enterprise identity credential that allows individuals affiliated with the Department of Defense (DoD) or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) access to several websites using a single username and password. A DS Logon supports the Personnel Identity Protection (PIP) Directive and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) e-Authentication guidance providing a high level of authentication assurance in situations where Common Access Card (CAC) authentication is not available.

Winner - 2013 GCN Awards for IT achievement


As part of the eAuthentication initiative in 2006, DMDC created Family Account to be the main authentication method for Beneficiary self-service applications such as Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE).


  1. Authenticating individuals
  2. Providing unique authorization attributes
  3. Providing a portable identification credential

These objectives are explained further below.

Authenticating individuals[edit]

DS Logon ensures that DoD identification credentials are provided only to personnel with a current and appropriate affiliation with the DoD or VA. DS Logon serves as an identity credential within the DoD and VA for individuals unable to obtain a CAC (DoD) or PIV (VA) credential.

Provide unique authorization attributes[edit]

DS Logon can be customized to provide unique authorization attributes for each website accepting the credential. Attributes include, but are not limited to:

  • Credential Level
  • DoD Entitlements
  • PII data

Providing a portable identification credential[edit]

DS Logon provides a robust, portable credential to individuals requiring access to DoD or VA systems for the purpose of self-service.

Sites accepting DS Logon credential today[edit]

  • Address Update[1]
  • Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)[2]
  • DS Logon Self-Service website[3]
  • Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance[4]
  • Health Net Federal Services[5]
  • Humana Military[6][7]
  • Joint Qualification System[8]
  • MedRed, LLC. Access for Patients to Complete Clinician Assigned Forms Online[9]
  • Met Life[10]
  • myDoDbenefits[11]
  • Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators (PGBA)[12]
  • Transferability of Education Benefits (TEB)[13]
  • VA/DoD eBenefits portal[14]
  • Tramatic Brain Injury[15]
  • TRICARE For Life Portal[16]
  • TRICARE Online (TOL)[17]
  • Wisconsin Physicians Service [18][16]


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