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DTA Posse
Industry Clothing
Headquarters Venice, California
Products T-shirt, sweatshirt, Hats, Belts
Website http://www.DTAPosse.com

DTA Posse (or simply DTA; formerly Rogue Status) is a clothing company based in Los Angeles. Created by Johan Esbensen in 2005, it was soon endorsed by celebrity investors Travis Barker, Rob Dyrdek, Scott Emmer, and Bryan Jarett. The brand mostly features printed t-shirts and uses controversial designs in order to generate response and dialogue. Their most recognizable "Gun Show" print features the silhouettes of a variety of firearms grouped together to form parallel stripes. Products also include sweatshirts, shorts and other accessories, such as hats belts, and wallets. The company also creates automotive products like shifter knobs and steering wheel covers sold by Scion Racing.

DTA Posse's clothing has been mentioned in songs by Yelawolf. Their products have also been worn by Danny Trejo, Kanye West, Ludacris and Travis Barker.[1]

DTA has participated in 3 Gumball 3000 rallies, winning the spirit award in 2008. DTA also regularly participates in the Bullrun Rally, using a custom Scion xB built specifically for the brand in 2010. In addition, DTA partnered with Scion Racing in 2009 as the main clothing sponsor for Ken Gushi, and Tanner Foust before he left the automaker. An episode of Top Gear USA entitled "Taxis" aired on February 26, 2013 in which former Scion racer Tanner Foust borrowed the Posse's xB, converting it into a taxi.[2]

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