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DU145 (DU-145) and PC3 human prostate cancer cell lines are the "classical" cell lines of prostatic cancer.[1] DU145 cells have moderate metastatic potential compared to PC3 cells which have high metastatic potential.[2]

The DU145 cell line was derived from a central nervous system metastasis, of primary prostate adenocarcinoma origin, removed during a parieto-occipital craniotomy.[3] DU145 are not hormone-sensitive and do not express prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

It has been demonstrated that administration of NFkappaB ligand RANKL promoted DU145 cell invasion in bone, resulting in osteolytic lesions. DU145 cells also produce soluble factors that activate pre-osteoblast precursors and increase RANKL expression, thus facilitating prostate cancer metastasis in bone.[4]


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