DUBS Acoustic Filters

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DUBS Acoustic Filters
DeveloperDoppler Labs
TypeWireless earbuds
Release date2014
WebsiteGet Dubs

DUBS Acoustic Filters are high-tech ear plugs designed by Doppler Labs and released in 2014. They use a proprietary 17-piece physical acoustic filter system to reduce sound pressure at different frequencies while maintaining acoustical fidelity.[1][2]


In 2014, Doppler Labs launched DUBS Acoustic Filters as their first product at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City.[3] In 2015, Doppler Labs announced a partnership[4][5] with Coachella Music and Arts Festival promoter Goldenvoice to distribute more than 130,000 pairs of DUBS to festival attendees through the official Coachella welcome box.[6]

Doppler Labs brought on a roster of partners and investors from the entertainment and music industries to support DUBS including Hans Zimmer,[7] Quincy Jones, Tiesto, and Mark Ronson, among others.[8][9]


Doppler Labs designed DUBS Acoustic Filters to accommodate the need for audio fidelity when listening to music.[10][11] In 2015, DUBS were awarded the Red Dot Award in Product Design for their "organic design" and "sophisticated technology".[12][13]


DUBS Acoustic Filters were widely reviewed by media for their ability to protect people’s hearing at concerts without sacrificing the fidelity of the music[14][15][16] and as suitable accessories for air travel.[17]


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