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For the comic book, see DV8.

DV8 Physical Theatre is a physically integrated dance company based at Artsadmin in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1986 by an independent collective of chiefly modern dancers. It is led by Lloyd Newson, whose intent has been to have a different approach to most contemporary dance than other existing companies. In particular, the company has been known to incorporate dancers with disabilities into its pieces, for example in the film The Cost of Living, which is both made by and features company participants.[1]


It has thus far produced 18 dance pieces,[2] all of which have toured internationally, and 4 award-winning films adapted from stage performances.


  • My Sex, Our Dance, 1986
  • Deep End, 1987
  • Elemen T(h)ree Sex, 1987
  • My Body, Your Body, 1987
  • Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men, 1988
  • If Only, 1990
  • Strange Fish, 1992
  • MSM, 1993[3]
  • Enter Achilles, 1995
  • Bound to Please, 1997
  • The Happiest Day of My Life, 1999
  • Can We Afford This/The Cost of Living, 2000
  • Living Costs (promenade performance), 2003
  • The Cost of Living, 2003
  • Just For Show, 2005
  • To Be Straight With You, 2008
  • Can We Talk About This?, 2011
  • John, 2014


Film adaptations of theatrical productions, produced by DV8 Films Ltd.[4]


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