DVD Play

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DVD Play
Developer(s) Compaq
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type DVD player on computer

DVD Play is a Digital Video Disc player that comes with most HP and Compaq computers.[1]


A taskbar appears at the bottom of the movie to help with controlling the movie. There are several tasks that can be done. Some of them are rewinding, fast-forwarding, pausing the movie, playing/resuming the DVD, stopping the DVD, chapter selection, time displays, volume control, muting, battery charging, a help menu, ejecting the DVD, and information plus more settings.[1]

Other Features[edit]

There are many features in DVD play. Some of these include the Screen Ratio, which allows users to indicate if they have a standard or widescreen display, Color Profile, which allows changing the color scheme of displays, and subtitle, which selects the default subtitle language.[1] Other options include DVD Angle, which allows viewing the DVD from a different angle if necessary, audio language, which selects the default language for the movie's audio and sound, speaker environment, which allows selection of number of speakers for playback, and output mode, which determines the special process used on the sound signal.[1]


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