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DVD Verdict
DVD VERDICT newlogo.gif
Web address www.dvdverdict.com
Type of site
Film review
Available in English
Launched 1999
Revenue Unknown
Alexa rank
negative increase 142,846 (July 2012)[1]
Current status Active

DVD Verdict is a judicial themed website for DVD reviews. The site was founded in 1999. Current editor in chief is Michael Stailey, who also reviews for Rotten Tomatoes.[2] They employ a large editorial staff of critics[3] whose reviews have been quoted by sources such as CBS Marketwatch,[4] and have been praised by such writers as Anthony Augustine of Uptown.[5]

DVD Verdict has four sister sites entitled Cinema Verdict,[6] a theatrical movie review site, TV Verdict,[7] a television review site, Pixel Verdict,[8] a video game review site and DVD Verdict Presents.[9]


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