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DWYS (101.1 YES! FM)
City of license Pasay City
Broadcast area Metro Manila, surrounding areas
Branding 101.1 YES! FM
Slogan HAYAHAY! (Visayan for "Comfortable!")
Frequency 101.1 MHz
First air date 1968 (as DZFX 101.1)
October 11, 1985 (as Kiss FM 101.1)
1988 (as Kiss Jazz 101.1)
December 18, 1995 (as 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis)
December 8, 1998 (as YES! FM)
Format Hot AC, OPM
Power 25,000 watts
ERP 75,000 watts
Class C, D, E
Callsign meaning YES! FM
Former callsigns DZFX (1968-1985)
DWKS (1985–1990)
DWST (1995–1998)
Owner Manila Broadcasting Company
(Pacific Broadcasting Systems)
Sister stations DZRH, 90.7 Love Radio, 96.3 Easy Rock
Website YesFM.com.ph

DWYS (101.1 FM), currently operating as 101.1 YES! FM, is a commercial Hot AC, and OPM radio station in Metro Manila, licensed to Pasay City. It was owned by Pacific Broadcasting Systems (a wholly owned subsidiary of Manila Broadcasting Company) in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at the CCP Complex, Pasay City, and its transmitter is located atop the BSA Twin Tower in Mandaluyong City,[1] sharing the same site with 90.7 Love Radio & 96.3 Easy Rock. YES! FM 101.1 operates 24-hours a day that plays Pop music, OPM, Asian Pop, and the "Philippines' Best Mix Of Music" from the 1990s till present-day.


DZFX 101.1[edit]

Originally owned by the Makati Broadcasting Network, it began broadcasting in 1968. It played classical songs until October 11, 1985, and a few minutes before 12 noon, it played its last song, a Mozart piece, just before the top of the hour. A five-second silence ensued, and the production launch presentation was played saying goodbye to DZFX and saying hello to Kiss FM.

Kiss FM 101.1[edit]

Shortly after DZFX 101.1's sign off in October 11, 1985, it was rebranded as Kiss FM 101.1 (call letters DWKS) with studios located at 14th floor, Insular Life Building, Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati Central Business District. It introduced innovations like having the frequency number on its telephone number, programs like "Top 20 at 12" and the launch date as 10-11, standing as the frequency. From 1985, it had the Contemporary Hit Radio format, competing directly with 99.5 RT.

Kiss Jazz 101.1[edit]

It changed its name to Kiss Jazz 101.1 and transformed into a smooth jazz format from 1988 to 1990 competing directly with Citylite 88.3 (now Jam 88.3) before it quietly went off the air.

101.1 Showbiz Tsismis[edit]

Launched in December 18, 1995, MBC acquired the station from Makati Broadcasting Network and launched the first show business gossip and music-format FM station in the country, 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis. Under the call sign DWST, which stood for "Showbiz Tsismis" (Showbiz Gossip), the station's studio was located then in FJE Building, Makati.

101.1 Showbiz Tsismis had a mix of show business news and the latest music hits, and even employed reporters with a reporting style similar to that of local AM stations. It is also simulcast thru provincial via-satellite FM stations in the country, a first then in Philippine radio history.[2]

YES! FM 101.1[edit]

On December 8, 1998, 101.1 was re-launched as YES! FM 101.1 with a different call sign (DWYS). Its format was hot adult contemporary / easy listening similar to its sister station 90.7 Love Radio and became the undisputed number 1 FM station from 1999 to 2002. On July 2002, all MBC stations from Makati City were relocated and transferred to Star City Complex in Pasay, Philippines. In 2008, YES! FM 101.1 was again repackaged and adopted the slogan "Automatic 'Yan! YES-FM" (That's Automatic! YES-FM). The playlists used were almost the same as 90.7 Love Radio's but the programming was different. In 2012, as part of "Radyo? Dalawa Lang Yan!" (Radio? There's Only Two) campaign (which was launched by Yes FM and Love Radio in the first quarter of 2011), some DJs from Love Radio such as Missy Hista, Rica Herra, Rico Pañero and Lala Banderas were moved to Yes FM in exchange of Diego Bandido, Emma Harot, Robin Sienna and Kristine Dera, as well as the new branding as the "Hayahay" station, which later became also the slogan on other Yes FM and several Hot FM and Love Radio stations. Since 2015, Yes FM banter are now based on 1 peso Hayahay quotes (ex. ""Kung Piso lang ang kape ng Starbucks... eh Hayahay ang Buhay.)

101.1 Yes! FM disc jockeys[edit]

Recently, the old names of the recent DJs has been renamed. On January 30, 2012, several DJs from Love Radio are switched to Yes FM.

Current :

  • 3B: Brownie, Bruno, Beauty (Hassan Han II, Danny Frias, Eva Mesias)
  • Missy Hista (Thea Pecho)- lifted from "masahista", Filipino term for massager.(formerly of 90.7 Love Radio)
  • Rica Herra (Sheryl Adame) -(formerly of 90.7 Love Radio)
  • Totoy Bato (Nieco Sison) - "Ang Watsinanggong Bisdak sa Radyo..ang lalakeng hindi tumatanggap ng lagay...lagay na gibuti-buti!,Ang Ay-dol sa bisaya, Ay-dool kay Lusion ang Kigol!" (formerly known as DJ Nico of 106.3 Yes FM Dumaguete)
  • Tanya Chinita (Ilyn Atanacio Lara) - "Ang DJ na may T, ang Tanya nyo sa Radyo, ang Tanya nyong lahat." Also Sang "A song for Raphael" and "Itatago na lang" played on Yes FM and Love Radio Stations.
  • Rico Pañero (Richard Sarmiento) - (formerly from 90.7 Love Radio) - "Ang Attorney na walang kakasu-kaso!"
  • Lala Banderas (Yen Mempin) - (formerly of 90.7 Love Radio) - "Aling Maliit na Malaki", Regarded as the "Selfie queen of Philippine Radio".
  • Maria Morena (Maria Socorro Estrella) - "ang Hot Morena Baby sa radyo." Also sang "Kung Wala Ka na" played on Yes FM and Love Radio Stations.


Weekday Programming[edit]

As of March 16, 2015

  • BBB with Brownie, Bruno, and Beauty (4 - 6 am)
  • Best of Friends with Missy Hista and Rica Herra (6 - 9 am)
  • Lusion ang Kigol with Totoy Bato (9 am - 12nn)
  • Tanyalian with Tanya Chinita (12 nn - 3 pm)
  • TLC: The Drama Special Interactive with Tanya Chinita and Kristine Dera of Love Radio Manila. Simulcast in all over Yes FM and Love Radio Stations. (1 - 2 pm)
  • Pakners with Rico Panero and Lala Banderas (3 - 6 pm)
  • MMK with Maria Morena (6 - 9pm)

Past Programs[edit]

  • Yes Diaries with Chico Loco (Defunct; due to resignation)

Programs Simulcast with Yes! FM Provincial Radio Stations[edit]

  • TLC: The Drama Special Interactive

Hosted by Kristine Dera of 90.7 Love Radio Manila and Tanya Chinita of 101.1 Yes! FM Manila. The program was initially simulcast over the said stations in Manila since its launch in November 2013. Starting 2014, it was being simulcast in all Love Radio and Yes! FM stations nationwide, making it the program with the widest nationwide audience reach. The program is directed by top DZRH drama directors. Even Diego Bandido of Love Radio Manila is also directing the program. The drama is based on Love Radio's top program every night, "TLC: True Love Conversations". The stories of its finest callers, are now being given life by some Love Radio and Yes FM DJ's.

  • Yes! Diaries with Chico Loco

The only weekday program with an operative title and corresponding OBB, this is a program where callers share their 'kwentong pangkaibigan' for Chico Loco to comment on. Listeners' comments via social media are also read on air. Before the caller narrates his/her problem, He/She must participate in a segment wherein various characters (voiced by Chico Loco) converses with the caller. The characters include:

  1. Chicklet - a little girl, presumably with ADHD. She normally extorts the caller for food or money. She likes to play 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' but cheats by using 'Shield'.
  2. Madam Chiki - a gay fortune teller who offers 'extra service'. He is fond of handsome and macho men. He advises the caller based on his clairvoyance and 'Lucky anez-anez'.
  3. Kapitan Tutan - a motion picture matinee idol with advanced age. He has a vast DVD collection of movies, the 'Tutan's Classics'. He offers female callers copies of his DVD or his 'Tutan's Hotdog' while encourages male callers to be part of his legion, the 'Bataan ni Tutan'.
  4. Lola Kerrrps Hiyas - an old lady that fancies video games, social media and gambling, among others. She regards the callers as her grandchildren and is fond of telling them stories about the origin of things (Alamat). She sells ketchup called Kerrrpschup.
  5. NotNot - A parody of Gollum. He teaches the callers to concoct potions and charms that alter the caller's physical appearance, but requires a hefty charge to his donation box in return.
  6. Koyang - A parody of Big Brother. He reminds the caller to accomplish his/her weekly tasks in order to become the big winner of his kubo.
  7. Balitanga - The caller is interrupted by a faux news segment.

The program ends with 'It's Bati Time', wherein listeners send in their greetings via Twitter. In order to be read on air, however, the listeners are required to use lengthy hashtags.

Saturday Programming[edit]

Jocks Air Time Music Genre
Rica Herra 6:00AM to 9:00AM Dance, OPM and Slow Hits
Missy Hista 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Slow and OPM Hits
Tanya Chinita 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Dance, OPM and Slow Hits
All Music 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM Dance, OPM and Slow Hits

Sunday Programming[edit]

Jocks Air Time Music Genre
Rico Pañero 6:00AM to 9:00AM 70's- 90's OPM Jukebox
Lala Banderas 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 60's Hits
Totoy Bato 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM 80's-90's Hits
Maria Morena 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM 70's- 90's Rock
All Music 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM 80's- 10's Music

Yes! FM radio stations[edit]

Further information: YES! FM stations


Branding Slogan Years Active
101.1 Yes! FM The Greatest songs of Yesterday and Today 1998-2002
101.1 Yes! FM Ang Sagot ng Bayan 2002-2003
101.1 Yes! FM Sarap! All the time 2003-2006
101.1 Yes! FM Dito Ka Masaya! (Secondary Slogan) 2005-2006
101.1 Yes! FM Yesterday Pa! June 2006-January 2007
101.1 Yes! FM Derecho! Basta 101 Point One! January 2007-April 2008
101.1 Yes! FM Yesterday Pa! (Revival; Secondary slogan) January 2007-April 2008
101.1 Yes! FM Automatic Yan! April 2008-February 2012
101.1 Yes! FM Hayahay! February 2012 – present
101.1 Yes! FM The Greatest songs of Yesterday and Today
(Revival; Secondary slogan as every Saturday and Sunday)

Theme songs[edit]

  • Yes FM (Sarap All the Time) by Quickie and Honey (2004–2008; 2012)
  • Yes FM Rap by 3yo Dorobo (2005–2007) Secondary theme song
  • Yes FM (Number One All the Time) by Mocha Girls (2012)
  • Hayahay Station by Blanktape feat. L-sabor & Diorap (2012)

Compilation albums of Yes FM 101.1[edit]

  • MYMP: "New Horizon" (Ivory Music, 2006)
  • MYMP: "Now" (Ivory Music, 2008)
  • Davey Langit: "Mad About Acoustic" (Viva Records, 2009)
  • Frencheska Farr: "Inside My Heart" (GMA Records, 2010)
  • Sarah Geronimo: "One Heart" (Viva Records, 2011)


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