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DYE Precision, Inc.
FounderDave Dehaan
San Diego, California
United States
Number of locations
Germany, Taiwan
ProductsPaintball gear
Servicesretail and wholesale
Number of employees
DivisionsPaintball, Pro-Tec

DYE Precision, also known as simply DYE, is a paintball equipment manufacturing company[2] based in California. Dave Dehaan started the company by producing barrels for paintball markers, using his garage as a workshop. He supplied barrels to the California Ironmen and Team Avalanche, who at that time were two of the most dominant teams in Professional paintball. From these humble beginnings, DYE went on to become an International concern that went on to manufacture an extensive range of paintball markers, loaders, playing & casual clothing, protective gear, goggles and luggage. Their range of products is updated each year. In 2005, the company was praised as one of the industry's largest paintball manufacturers.[3] The company has offices in London, Taiwan and Germany.[1]


DYE Precision was founded by Dave and Rhonda DeHaan in 1994. DYE stands for Dave "Youngblood" Enterprises.[4]

In 2006, DYE Precision sponsored a team, XXTIONEER, at the 2006 Paintball World Cup Asia.[5]

In March 2009, DYE Precision manufactured the Baltimore Trauma with 2009 Mid-Atlantic Open jerseys.[6]

In March 2010, the company allowed teams at the 2010 Paintball Sports Promotions World Cup to experience the new 2010 models free of charge.[7] In April 2010, DYE Precision manufactured the jerseys for professional paintball team Portland Naughty Dogs.[8] and later presented them with a limited special edition Naughty Dogs NT paintball gun.[9] That same month, DYE Precision co-hosted the National Collegiate Paintball Association tournament in Central Florida.[10]

In January 2011, DYE Precision signed a multi-year agreement with professional paintball team Chattanooga CEP.[11]

In October 2012, DYE Precision signed a multi-year agreement with Ukrainian professional paintball team Hulk Kiev

In November 2012, the company purchased Pro-Tec, a helmet manufacturing company, from apparel and sports equipment company Vans for an undisclosed amount.[4][12]

A 2006 Dye Matrix


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