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DYuSSh Smena-Zenit (Russian: ДЮСШ "Смена-Зенит"[1]), also known as FC Zenit academy or formerly DYuSSh Smena, is a Russian youth football academy based in Saint Petersburg. It is currently headed by Dutchman Henk van Stee.[2]


The sports school was founded in 1957 as a football section of Central DYuSSh GORONO of Leningrad.[3] It was reorganized into Football SDYuShOR Smena in 1968.


In 2008 Smena was included into club structure of FC Zenit and renamed Smena-Zenit. Since 2010 academy's main U-18 team plays the role of Zenit dissolved farm club FC Smena-Zenit, competing in the championship of Saint Petersburg as well as various international tournaments.

The list of academy's coaches includes former internationals Aleksandr Spivak and Dmitry Vasilyev.[4]


The best known alumni of Smena are Russia national football team players Vyacheslav Malafeev, Igor Denisov, Andrey Arshavin, Vladimir Bystrov, Viktor Vasin and retired Vladislav Radimov and Oleg Salenko.


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