Radio Corporation of the Philippines

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Radio Corporation of the Philippines
Industry radio and television network, production
Founded 1924 (radio broadcasting)
2015 (television broadcasting)
Headquarters Manila, Philippines
Key people
Tito C. Billiones
Francis Cardona
Owner Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr.[1]
Parent Lucky Star Holdings[2]
Subsidiaries Philippine Radio Corporation (PhilRadio)
Radio Audience Developers Integrated Organization Inc. (RADIO Inc.)
Beacon Communications Systems Inc. (BCSI)
Radyo Pilipino Corporation (Radyo Pilipino)

Radio Corporation of the Philippines is the oldest radio network in the Philippines, currently owned by Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. through his company Lucky Star Holdings.


KZKZ (AM) is the second radio station in the Philippines owned by Henry Herman Sr. in 1922. It broadcast using a 5-watt transmitter. In 1924, it boosted its power to 100 watts. A few months later, Radio Corporation of the Philippines bought KZKZ AM from Henry Hermann. In 1926 the company began to work on constructing two of the largest radio stations in Asia with the idea of maintaining direct Manila-San Francisco service.[3] After Philippine independence, it changed its callsign to DWKZ, but changed in 1960 to DZCA.[4]

In 1929, RCP launched KZRC in Cebu broadcasting with a 100-watt transmitter, but was later sold to store owner Isaac Beck (it is now DYRC owned by the Manila Broadcasting Company). However, in 1970, RCP launched DYRB.

In 1960, it launched the first AM station in Southern Tagalog (Region 4, now Calabarzon) called DZLT 1188.

In 2015, RadioCorp officially ventured into television broadcasting with the launch of the network's first television station DZPT-TV 26 on January 15. RCP TV 26 is currently affiliated with CNN Philippines and Radio Philippines Network.

The RadioCorp group is composed of 5 broadcast companies: the RadioCorp itself, Philippine Radio Corporation (PhilRadio), Radio Audience Developers Integrated Organization Inc. (RADIO Inc.), Beacon Communications Systems Inc. (BCSI) and Radyo Pilipino Corporation (Radyo Pilipino), It also produced the weekly business show Asenso Pinoy aired every Saturdays at 9:00 am on S+A Channel 23.

Radio stations[edit]

AM stations[edit]

Branding Call sign Frequency Location
DWPR Radyo Asenso 1296 Dagupan DWPR-AM 1296 kHz Dagupan
DZTC Radyo Asenso 828 Tarlac DZTC 828 kHz Tarlac City
DZLT Radyo Asenso 1188 Lucena DZLT-AM 1188 kHz Lucena
DZYM Radyo Asenso 1539 Mindoro DZYM 1539 kHz San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
DWRL Radyo Asenso 1080 Legaspi DWRL 1080 kHz Legazpi, Albay
DWRN Radyo Asenso 657 Naga DWRN 657 kHz Naga, Camarines Sur
DYRL Radyo Asenso 1035 Bacolod DYRL 1035 kHz Bacolod City
DYRB Radyo Asenso 540 Cebu DYRB 540 kHz Cebu City
DYRM Radyo Asenso 1134 Dumaguete DYRM 1134 kHz Dumaguete
DXCO Radyo Asenso 1044 Cagayan de Oro DXCO 1044 kHz Cagayan de Oro
DXOW Radyo Asenso 981 Davao DXOW 981 kHz Davao City
DXGS Radyo Asenso 765 General Santos DXGS 765 kHz General Santos
DXJM Radyo Asenso 756 Butuan* DXJM 756 kHz Butuan

FM stations[edit]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power Location
One FM Tarlac DWXT 96.1 MHz 2.5 kW Tarlac City
One FM Lucena DZLQ 98.3 MHz 5 kW Lucena
DWRL FM Legazpi DWRL 88.3 MHz 5 kW Legazpi, Albay
One FM Tacloban DY__ 96.7 MHz 5 kW Tacloban
One FM Surigao DXSP 96.1 MHz 5 kW Surigao City
One FM Butuan DXJM 95.9 MHz 5 kW Butuan

*On Test Broadcast.

Television stations[edit]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW (ERP) Location (Transmitter Site) Note
CNN Philippines Channel 26 DZPT-TV TV-26 5 kW Tarlac City Affiliated with Radio Philippines Network and Nine Media Corporation

Internet radio stations[edit]