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Also known as Night of the Children
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Genres Progressive metal, symphonic metal, gothic metal
Years active 2003–present
Labels CJ Victor Entertainment (As of 2013)
Gan-Shin (EU)
Associated acts Syndrome, S to M
Website D Official website
Members Asagi
Past members Sin

D is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2003 by Asagi, Ruiza and Sin, after their previous band Syndrome disbanded.[1]


Indie (2003–2007)[edit]

In March 2003, D was formed with their initial lineup of vocalist Asagi, guitarist Ruiza, drummer Hiroki, guitarist Sin, and bassist Lena. They released their first EP, New Blood on July 18. Soon after its release, Ruiza was hospitalized for an unknown illness and Sin decided to leave the band. D went on a short pause of activities from that point, however Asagi and Hiroki continued to play concerts under the name "Night of the Children" with a support guitarist, Hide-Zou. Once Ruiza was released from the hospital on September 27, D officially resumed activities with Hide-Zou replacing Sin on guitar. Two months after their reunion, they recorded their first single "Alice" which given away for free at only one show in Tokyo that November. On Jan 7 of the following year, they released their second EP Paradox.

During 2004, D released another EP Yume Narishi Kuuchuu Teien, as well as a single entitled "Mayutsuki no Hitsugi", which was only for sale at three concerts in November, in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. They also released a remastered version of their first EP, with a previously unreleased track "Gareki no Hana". New Blood: Second Impact was released on December 8 of that year, quickly followed by their fourth single, "Mahiru no Koe: Synchronicity".

In 2005, Lena remained in the band long enough to release one more single and promotional video, "Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no a Capella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria". On July 27, after finishing the recording of the forthcoming album, Lena left the band. They released their first full album The Name of the Rose on September 28 in two versions, each packaged with a DVD containing a different promotional video. D also launched their own publication called Mad Tea Party Magazine on August 7.

On December 5, 2005, Tsunehito joined as the new bassist. The band re-released their first full album The Name of the Rose, with re-recorded bass tracks by Tsunehito. The updated album contained three extra tracks: "Shiroi Yoru", "Tsukiyo no Renka", and "Mayutsuki no Hitsugi".[2] Keeping with the trend of remastering their old albums, in 2006 D re-released their EPs Paradox and Yume Narishi Kuchuu Teien. The latter came with two additional tracks that were previously unreleased. Their seventh single, "Taiyou wo Okuru Hi", was released in two types: a limited edition with the promotional video for the title track, and a regular edition with an instrumental version of the title track.[2] Two months later they released their second album, Tafel Anatomie on October 18.

In 2007, D launched an official fan club, Ultimate Lover, and released their first DVD of live concert footage, Tafel Anatomie: Tour 2006 Final on March 14. Soon after, the band announced in-store events and a three-date tour in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo on their website to support their "Dearest You" single to be released on April 25. In the summer, D had a dual single release campaign, with "Ouka Sakisomenikeri" released on July 18 and "Schwarzschild" on August 15. On November 7, they released their third full-length album Neo Culture: Beyond the World with an expanded version of their usual multiple-version marketing tactic; buyers could choose from two special editions each containing a DVD with different promotional video, and a regular edition with a thirty-six page booklet.

Major (2008–present)[edit]

D signed with the major record label Avex Trax in 2008. Their last indies tour was called "Follow Me", and a DVD of footage from the final concert was released later in July. Their first major single called "Birth" was released on May 7. Their second major single, "Yami no Kuni no Alice/Hamon", was released on September 3. The title track was used as the theme for the movie Twilight Syndrome: Dead-Go-Round, and the b-side track "Hamon" was used as the ending theme for the Nintendo DS game Twilight Syndrome. Their first major label-sponsored concert entitled "Birth: Sora e no Kaiki" was held on August 8, followed by their year's end "Alice in Dark Edge" tour.[2]

Their first activity of 2009 was the release of their third major single, "Snow White". Then on February 25, they released their first major full-length album titled Genetic World. In the months following, they released a special combination concert photo book and live album "D Tour 2008: Alice in Dark Edge Final", and a live DVD D Tour 2008: Alice in Dark Edge in March.[2]

D's tour for Genetic World kicked off in April 2009 and ended that May. In September, Asagi opened a website for his company Rosen Kranz (Japanese) (God Child Records). Soon they announced the revival of Mad Tea Party Magazine, and it was decided that the eleventh volume and eighth special edition photo book would be released on October 13. D's fourth major single "Tightrope" was released on September 23. A previously unreleased song "Day by Day" was soon announced to be the theme song for a dating simulation game for Japanese mobile phones called LoveφSummit, part of the Neo Romance series from KOEI, as well as the title track of a new single that was to be released on December 2.

The band's first single of 2010, "Kaze ga Mekuru Peji", was used as the opening theme for the television drama Shinsengumi Peacemaker, aired on TBS and MBS, and was scheduled for sale on March 10. Their second major album, titled 7th Rose in honor of their seven years of activity,[3] was released later that month. A compilation DVD containing footage from their short television program Bara no Yakata, and several promotional videos from their independent and major releases was also released on March 31.[2] Their single, "In the Name of Justice", was released on November 17, 2010. It featured two special editions, one carrying the song's PV, other packing "the making of" the title track, also including "Grand Master", and a regular edition featuring "Yoru no Me to Ginyushijin".

D covered Malice Mizer's song "Gekka no Yasoukyoku" for the compilation Crush! -90's V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs-. The album was released on January 26, 2011 and features current visual kei bands covering songs from bands that were important to the '90s visual kei movement.[4]

In the spring of 2011 D did its first overseas tour through Torpedo Productions, in May the group visited Europe and played with the tour name "VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe - 'Path of the Rose'". France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, England and Finland (to name a few) were the lucky ones to have this first time event. In July through August the band traveled to South America and a Chile tour called "L'Oiseau bleu" same year.

On November 21 the same year the band released their new mini album "Huang Di -Yami ni Umareta Mukui", the release was limited and sold out quickly thanks to the group's expanding fanbase and popularity. On December 28 an article with the band was published on MJP.jp with a long interview with the singer Asagi, who discussed the evolution of the songs on the new album.

20 April 2012 was the first stop of D's second European tour. To promote their new single "Dying Message" and also to again feel the energy of their western fans. Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Italy, Austria, Russia and Finland was on the tour schedule. Last show was May 9 in Russia. After the tour the group released the single "Dying Message" on May 30, 2012. The band also released the single "Danzai no Gunner" on July 18. In the PV to "Danzai no Gunner", Asagi (vocal) used a gun for the first time to save Tsunehito (bass) from a mad doctor. From July to August the band did a promotion tour called "Danzai no Gunner". On October 18 the band released a documentary DVD about their visit in Europe "Dying message ~2012 Overseas Odyssey Tour Documentary & Off-Shot".

November 4 the band appeared on YouTube on the Online TV-show (visual kei)Viju Love Cafe, where they promoted their latest PV for "Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari". On November 14 the band released their latest EP Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari with songs including "Hikari no Niwa", "Canis Lupus" and "Like a Black Cat - Mujitsu No Tsumi". The musicians are still in their infant years, reaching out into the world and broadening the visual kei stage.

April 2013, around the celebration of their 10th anniversary, D released news about joining the major label "Victor Entertainment", and plans for the release of a game based on their Vampire Story, a new single, and a best album.

May 2013, the band started their 10th year anniversary tour. Between May 1 till 5th each band member had a show where their played their personal favorites from the band's many songs. The next 5 dates each had a show for each big record the band had released during their 10 years of performing. The band has expressed interest for a new tour in Europe.

July 2013, the band began touring Japan and visiting each of the members home towns in celebration of their major label signing with a new visual for "Rosenstrauss", focusing the theme of the tour on the character "Rosalie" of their Vampire Story.


  • Asagi (浅葱 Asagi?) (Real name - Ogawa Takahiro), born on August 29, 1974 in Noshiro, Akita, is the vocalist, lyricist, and one of the main songwriters of D. Previously in the bands Balsamic (1994–1997), Je*Reviens (1998–2001), and Syndrome (2001–2002), he was also in a side project called Kochou with Tinc's drummer Takuma, formerly known as Shion in Syndrome. He founded the company record label God Child Records in 2006, under which D released most of their independent era works. He released a solo single that year entitled "Corvinus", and also developed a perfume of the same name, under the God Child subsidiary Rosen Kranz.
  • Ruiza (涙沙 Ruiza?), D's guitarist and other main songwriter, was born on February 18, 1979 in Itami, Hyougo. He was previously in the bands Distray (1996–1999), Laybial (1999–2000), and Syndrome. Ruiza has also released three solo EPs: Ao no Hahen in 2002,amenity gain in 2006 and abyss in 2012 (the latter two stylized without capitals).
  • Hide-Zou (英蔵 Hide-Zou?), born in Kanagawa on November 19, 1977 is the second guitarist of D. He was previously in the bands Lapis (1995–1997), Clair de Lune (1997–2000), As'Real (2000–2002), and S to M (2002–2003).
  • Tsunehito (恒人 Tsunehito?), D's current bass player, was born on March 5, 1984 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. His previous bands include Relude (2001–2003), Givuss (2003–2004), and Scissor (2004–2005).
  • Hiroki (大城 Hiroki?) was born on July 20, 1975 in Gunma, and is the drummer of D. He was previously in the bands Overtaker (1998–2000), Michiru Project (2001–2001), Aioria (2001–2002), and S to M (2002–2003).



  • "Alice" (November 27, 2003)
  • "Yume Narishi Kuuchuu Teien" (夢なりし空中庭園) (May 12, 2004)
  • "Mayutsuki no Hitsugi" (繭月の棺) (November 4, 2004)
  • "Mahiru no Koe: Synchronicity" (真昼の声~Synchronicity~) (January 12, 2005)
  • "Shiroi Yoru" (白い夜) (February 17, 2005)
  • "Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no Acapella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria" (闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア) (June 22, 2005) Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 81[5]
  • "Taiyou wo Okuru hi" (太陽を葬(おく)る日) (August 3, 2006), God Child Records
  • "Dearest You" (April 25, 2007), God Child Records, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 43[5]
  • "Ouka Saki Some ni Keri" (桜花咲きそめにけり) (July 18, 2007), God Child Records
  • "Schwarzschild" (August 15, 2007), God Child Records
  • "Birth" (May 7, 2008), Avex Trax Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 8[5]
  • "Yami no Kuni no Alice" (闇の国のアリス) (September 3, 2008), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 9[5]
  • "Snow White" (January 21, 2009), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 6[5]
  • "Tightrope" (September 23, 2009), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 9[5]
  • "Day by Day" (December 2, 2009), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 16[5]
  • "Kaze ga Mekuru Page" (風がめくる頁) (March 10, 2010), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 22[5]
  • "Akaki Hitsuji ni Yoru Bansankai" (赤き羊による晩餐会) (July 28, 2010), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 24[5]
  • "In the name of justice" (November 10, 2010), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Singles Top Position: 22[5]
  • "Torikago Goten ~L'Oiseau Bleu~" (鳥籠御殿~L’Oiseau bleu~) July 28, 2011
  • "Huang di ~Yami ni Umareta Mukui~" (November 21, 2011)
  • "Nyanto-shippo "De"!?" (February 13, 2012)
  • "Ultimate lover" (February 13, 2012)
  • "Dying Message" (May 30, 2012)
  • "Danzai no Gunner" (July 18, 2012)
  • "Rosenstrauss" (August 28, 2014)
  • "Dark wings" (December 11, 2013)
  • "Taiyou o Se ni Shite" (太陽を背にして) (December 15, 2013) 'Live Distribution only'
  • "Tsuki no Sakazuki" (月の杯) (July 23, 2014)
  • kaze ga mekuru peeji Single · 10 March, 2010 · 4 tracks
  • Bon Voyage! Single · 12 April, 2013 · 2 tracks
  • Dandelion Single · 13 December, 2014 · 1 track
  • HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY Single · 16 September, 2015 · 9 tracks
  • MASTER KEY Single · 9 December, 2015 · 4 tracks

Mini Albums[edit]

Huang Di -Yami ni Umareta Mukui- BUY Mini album · 21 November, 2011 · 7 tracks

Studio albums[edit]

  • The Name of the Rose (September 28, 2005) Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 85[6]
    • The Name of the Rose – Remastered Edition (February 8, 2006), God Child Records, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 83[6]
  • Tafel Anatomie (October 18, 2006), God Child Records, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 36[6]
  • Neo Culture: Beyond the World (November 7, 2007), God Child Records, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 31[6]
  • Genetic World (February 25, 2009), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 11[6]
  • 7th Rose (March 24, 2010), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 37[6]
  • Vampire Saga (January 12, 2011), Avex Trax, Oricon Weekly Albums Top Position: 29[6]
  • Bloody Rose "Best Collection 2007〜2011" (August 21, 2013), Avex Trax
  • Kingdom (November 12, 2014)
  • Treasure Box Album · 7 April, 2013 · 24 tracks
  • D Vampire Chronicle ~V-Best Sel... Album · 26 March, 2014 · 17 tracks

Live albums[edit]

  • Tour 2008: Alice in Dark Edge Final (March 23, 2009), Avex Trax


  • Tafel Anatomie: Tour 2006 Final (March 14, 2007), God Child Records
  • Last Indies Tour 2008 Final: Follow Me (July 30, 2008), Avex Trax
  • Tour 2008: Alice in Dark Edge Final (March 23, 2009), Avex Trax
  • D 1st Video Clips (March 31, 2010)
  • In the Name of Justice Tour Final 2010 (March 27, 2011)
  • Dying message ~2012 Overseas Odyssey Tour Documentary & Off-Shot (October 18, 2012)


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