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Dandasana Sanskrit: दण्डासन; IAST: Daṇḍāsana) or Staff Pose[1] is a seated asana in hatha yoga.


The name comes from the Sanskrit words दण्ड daṇḍā meaning "stick" or "staff",[2] and आसन Āsana meaning "posture".[3]


The asana is entered from a seated position with the legs extended forward. The palms or the fingertips (if the palms don't reach) should be rested on the ground either side of the body. The upper-body should be extending upward through the crown of the head, and the back should be completely perpendicular to the ground (as though sitting against a wall). If this is not possible, a block may be placed underneath the sitting bones. The legs should be squeezing together, and the toes should be pointing inwards toward the body. It may even be possible to create space between the heels and the ground by activating the leg muscles.


This asana is believed [4][5] to help improve digestion, prevent sciatic pain, stretch and activate the muscles of the legs, and prevent tiredness in the feet and calf-muscles.

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