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Da Capo
Studio album by Ace of Base
Released 30 September 2002
Recorded ca. 2000
Genre Pop, reggae fusion[1][2]
Length 41:55
  • Chief 1
  • Jonas "Joker" Berggren
  • Axel Breitung
  • Nicklas von der Burg
  • Thorsten Brötzmann
  • Håkan Christoffersson
  • Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg
  • Martin Hedström
  • Kay Nickold
  • Nick Nice
  • Harry Sommerdahl
  • Pontus Söderqvist
  • Jeo
Ace of Base chronology
Greatest Hits
(2000)Greatest Hits2000
Da Capo
The Collection/All That She Wants
(2002)The Collection/All That She Wants2002
Alternative cover
Japanese cover
Japanese cover
Singles from Da Capo
  1. "Beautiful Morning"
    Released: 9 September 2002
  2. "The Juvenile"
    Released: 9 December 2002
  3. "Unspeakable"
    Released: 24 December 2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[4]
laut.de 1/5 stars[3]

Da Capo is the fourth studio album released by Swedish pop group Ace of Base. It was released in 2002 in Europe (on Edel-Mega/Universal) and Japan (on Toshiba EMI with a different cover and additional tracks).

The album is named for the musical term da capo, meaning "back to the beginning." It was intended to be a return to the band's initial sound.


The album was initially slated for a summer 2000 release, but problems with Ace of Base's record labels caused it to be delayed for another year. The band's record label demanded that many of the album's songs be reworked with additional producers. Ultimately, Da Capo came out at the end of September 2002, and resulted in very low album sales in many European territories. The album was planned to be released in the United States in 2003, but no release surfaced.[5]

The minimal promotion was handled by two out of the four band members, Jenny Berggren and Ulf Ekberg. Jonas Berggren wanted to stay at home with his two children and Malin Berggren only attended one performance in Germany in 2002. During promotion Jenny and Ulf visited Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland and Austria.

In an interview, Ulf said that the group would release the album in the United States, with the songs being more acoustic. However, it never came out in America or Australia, although it has recently become available on iTunes. Polydor Records gave it a "soft release" in the UK on 21 October 2002 with no promotion nor any radio singles as Polydor believed that the band were no longer relevant to the British music scene. The album was released with Copy Control protection in some regions.

The title track was later featured on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova in 2006. As of 2014, Da Capo has sold over 500,000 copies, far fewer than Ace of Base's earlier releases.

This is the last studio album with the original lineup to date.

Track listing[edit]

Da Capo – Standard version
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Unspeakable"
  • von der Burg
  • Harry Sommerdahl
  • Joker
2. "Beautiful Morning"
  • Pontus Söderqvist
  • Axel Breitung[a]
  • Kay Nickold[b]
3. "Remember the Words"
  • Joker
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
  • Anoo Bhagavan
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
  • Joker
4. "Da Capo" Joker
  • Thorsten Brötzmann
  • Jeo
  • von der Burg[c]
  • Sommerdahl[c]
  • Håkan Christoffersson[d]
  • Joker[d]
5. "World Down Under"
  • Joker
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
6. "Ordinary Day" Joker
  • Söderqvist
  • Christoffersson[d]
  • Joker[d]
7. "Wonderful Life" Black
  • Thorsten Brötzmann
  • Jeo
8. "Show Me Love" Joker
  • Chief 1
  • Sommerdahl[c]
  • von der Burg[c]
9. "What's the Name of the Game"
  • Joker
  • J. Berggren
  • L. Berggren
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
  • von der Burg
  • Sommerdahl
  • Joker
10. "Change with the Light"
  • Söderqvist
  • Nick Nice
  • Buddha
11. "Hey Darling" Joker
  • Söderqvist
  • Nick Nice
  • Christoffersson[d]
  • Joker[d]
12. "The Juvenile" Joker
  • Söderqvist
  • Martin Hedström
Total length: 41:55
  • ^[a] signifies a remixer
  • ^[b] signifies an assistant producer
  • ^[c] signifies a vocal producer
  • ^[d] signifies a co-producer


  • Jonas "Joker" Berggren – Arranger, Producer
  • Britta Bergström – Vocals (background)
  • Anoo Bhagavan – Vocals (background)
  • Tom Bohne – A&R
  • Mathias Bothor – Photography
  • Axel Breitung – Guitar, Remixing, Vocal Engineer
  • Thorsten Brötzmann – Keyboards
  • Jakob Deichmann – A&R
  • Tim Dobrovolny – A&R
  • Thomas Eberger – Mastering
  • Björn Engelmann – Mastering Cutting Room Studios
  • Fiete Felsch – Sax (Soprano)
  • Par Lonn – Cello
  • Nick Nice – Programming, Multi Instruments, Producer, Mixing
  • Kay Nickold – Production Assistant
  • Jeanette Olsson – Vocals (background)
  • Assi Roar – Bass
  • Pontus Söderqvist – Programming, Multi Instruments, Producer, Mixing
  • Harry "Slick" Sommerdahl – Arranger, Vocals (background), Producer, Vocal Producer
  • Jonas Von Der Burg – Arranger, Producer, Vocal Producer


Chart Peak
Austrian Albums Chart 61
Estonian Albums Chart 36
German Albums Chart 48
Japanese Albums Chart 40
Japanese International Artists Albums Chart 10
Norwegian Albums Chart 40
Swiss Albums Chart 23
Swedish Albums Chart 25


  • Germany: 40,000 units sold
  • Japan: 35,000 units sold
  • Sweden: 15,000 units sold


Da Capo
Video by Ace Of Base
Released 21 October 2002
Genre Pop
Length 91 minutes
Label Polydor

The DVD contains all official Ace of Base videos released up to that point except "Travel to Romantis" and the acoustic U.S. version of "Lucky Love". It also includes the standard edition Da Capo album in 5.1 Surround Sound, a photo gallery, discography, and biographies in English and German.

Track listing[edit]

DVD track listing
No. Title Length
1. "C'est La Vie (Always 21)"  
2. "The Sign"  
3. "Beautiful Life"  
4. "Always Have, Always Will"  
5. "All That She Wants"  
6. "Living in Danger"  
7. "Don't Turn Around"  
8. "Cruel Summer"  
9. "Happy Nation"  
10. "Lucky Love"  
11. "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"  
12. "Life Is a Flower"  
13. "Wheel of Fortune"  
14. "Beautiful Morning"  
Total length: 91:00