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Directed by Habib Kavosh
Produced by Tasvir Donyaye Honar
Written by True story
Starring Saeed Rad, Khosrow Shakibayee, Jafar Valli, Amin Rigi, Bahrami, Mohsen Rigi, Mohammad Rigi, Nader Khaki, Ahmad Aghaloo, Mohammad Shiri, Sattar Ora
Music by Fereidoon Shahbazian
Cinematography Hasan Mohammadi
Distributed by Iran Film Industries Services
Release date
1983 (Iran)
Running time
136 min.
Country Iran
Language Persian
Budget Unknown

Daadshah (Persian: دادشاه‎, also Romanized as Dādšāh) is a 1983 Iranian film made in memories of Mir Dad Shah of Baluchestan.


Mir Dad Shah or Mir Daad Shah (Persian: دادشاه‎) was a farmer who lived in Nillag village of Iranian Balochistan in the fifties. He hated Mohammad Reza Pahlavi an oppressive administration which made him to pick up arms against shah. Daad Shah's wife Bibi Hatun also fought with him against his enemies. Dad Shah was support by Iraq through local Balochi politician Mir Abdi, who went into self-exile in Iraq for his people national struggle. Dad Shah killed tribal chief Sardar Muhammad Darani of Zahedan. Sardar Darani was the commander-in-chief of Zahedan area during Reza Shah. In 1957, Daad Shah’s tribal chiefs who betrayed him, by called him for negotiation and where he was killed in a gun battle by Iranian Forces. Mir Abdi persuaded by the Shah to return to Iran and gave privileges to stop his struggle for Baloch people. The struggle came to an end by an agreement between Iran and Iraq, where Iran stopped support for the Kurdish struggle in Iraq, while Iraq deprived the Baloch from theirs. But later Iraq gave support to Balochi secretly till the 1980s, when Iraq-Iran War began Balochi groups given large amount of support in financial and weapons. The most comprehensive research about Dadsh movement wrote by Dr. Azim shahbakhsh in Persian which called “Pazhuhesh-i dar tārikh-i mo'āser-i Baluchistān: mājerā-i Dadshah," (1372, Shiraz, Iran, Navid) A survey in Balochistan contemporary history, Dadeshah adventure, 1993, Shiraz, Iran, Navid publisher.

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