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Daan-Ghati is one of the two main temple structures in Goverdhan, near Mathura, India. The other temple structure is called Dasvisa.

Daan Ghati is a temple where the deity is in the form of a rock. The deity is said to be going down in earth by a few millimeters every year. Local people who have been witnessing this confirm this, though there is no scientific proof for the same.

Over time, this temple has slowly taken over the place of main shrine of the town. Also, there has been much commercialization of the temple structure. With ever-growing touristic importance of the place, the commercial interests are growing and at times conflicts as well.

The temple reform was started by a Daan-Ghati management committee, established in the 1970s by Shri Gopal Prasad Kaushik, one of the prominent citizens of the town. Passing through times, the committee was headed by different people at different times. Lobbying and factionalism were also common-place. Recently[when?] a government-appointed receiver is responsible for running of the temple management.[citation needed]