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Daanghari Elementary School is situated in Barangay North Daanghari Taguig City, Metro Manila.


It used to be a part of the former Barangay Bagong Tanyag which was divided into three barangays in April 2009: Barangay Tanyag Proper, Barangay South Daanghari and Barangay North Daanghari. The school is situated near DOST- PTRI/SEI thus it is often the beneficiary of the SCIENCE Education Institute in terms of their pilot projects such as utilization of the IT and mobile bus.


The school started with a Macros- type school building constructed in the early part of 1972. It was begun through the efforts of Mayor Monico Tanyag, Fortunato Tibe, Juanario Tuyay and Tatang Olis.

The first school building had three rooms with six classes. Grade I and Grade II, with two classes each while Grade III and IV, one class each. The school was supervised by Mr. Bayani Pili, who was then the principal of Upper Bicutan Elementary School.

In 1976, 12 classes were organized with 14 teachers. The first principal assigned was Julia Lopena. Virginia T. Cruz replaced her and the first commencement exercise occurred during her tenure.


In 1978, another Marcos-type building was built. This two-story six-room building was constructed and emergency plan was implemented to accommodate all pupils and to address lack of classrooms. It was in this year that Danghari Elementary became a complete school.

In June 2003, The Marcos-type building were demolished to give way to the construction of the first phase of the four-story twenty classroom building. Half of the school population held classes in the Barangay Covered Court while the others remained in the school premises.

At present, the school has four buildings and stage. It has 46 teachers, 37 classes and 1797 pupils from Grade I to Grade VI. It opened four preschool classes in June, 2010.


Over the years, school heads have included Veneranda Mariano, Evangeline Alano, Parcibes Garil, Estrellita Espiritu, Evangeline Ladines, Marina Evangelista, Domingo Manimtim, Fe Ortiguero, Teresita Carlos, Teresita De Jesus, Geronima Garcia and Nena Monte.

The current principal is Rebecca V. Anonueva who replaced Cheryl Fernandez on June 15, 2010.