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The Dab/Dabb are a clan of Khokhar Rajputs and jats found in the province of Punjab in India and Pakistan. H. A. Rose noted in 1911 that their customs were similar to other Jat clans in their neighbourhood and that, like them, they were involved mainly in agriculture.

The Dabs always resided in the Chenab Jhelum Doab. The Dab's claim their descent from Dab, who was said to be a Suryavanshi Rajput. They came into Punjab around 1469 AD. Many of the Dab's converted to sikhism at this time.

In Pakistan they were found mainly in the Shorkot Tehsil of Jhang District, Sialkot and western Punjab. Their main villages are Jalala Dab and Dab Kalan. The village of Kotli Sultan Dab in Khanewal District(Pakistan), is also centre of this clan.

Before the partition of India, many Sikh and Muslim jat Dab's lived in Jhang and Sialkot districts of West Punjab. Few Sikh Dab's come to India after partition making it a rare clan although there are many Muslim Dab Jatts still in Pakistan.