Dabajian Mountain

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Dabajian Mountain
Dabajian Mountain
Highest point
Elevation3,492 m (11,457 ft)
Listing100 Peaks of Taiwan
List of mountains in Taiwan
Coordinates24°27′58″N 121°15′29″E / 24.46611°N 121.25806°E / 24.46611; 121.25806Coordinates: 24°27′58″N 121°15′29″E / 24.46611°N 121.25806°E / 24.46611; 121.25806
Dabajian Mountain is located in Taiwan
Dabajian Mountain
Dabajian Mountain
Parent rangeXueshan (Snow Mountain) Range

Dabajian Mountain (Chinese: 大霸尖山; pinyin: Dàbàjiān Shān; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tāi-pà-chiam san, Atayal:Babo Papak, Saisiyat:Kapatalayan ) is located in the northern section of the Shei-Pa National Park in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It is surrounded by numerous other peaks, the most predominant including Mount Nanhuda, Mount Yize, Central Range Point, Mt. Pintian, and Mt. Mutule. It is also near the Madala River.


The first half of Dabajian Mountain is a medium grade hill with about a 35° incline. The top half is an almost straight up rock face. The mountain's steep grade and unique features were mainly formed by wind. The mountain is composed mainly of greywacke.


Dabajian Mountain is known for its steep grade, beautiful surroundings, and rugged terrain, making it a popular rock climbing mountain. There are many companies in the area that offer rock climbing tours to the mountain. The Atayal and Saisiyat people, which are two groups of Taiwanese aborigines, believe that this mountain is their holy mountain. Tourists are recommended to visit in the spring and summer because of the beautiful weather in the mountain. When there is snow on the mountain, it can become extremely hazardous to hike.

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