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Maharaja Vejalsinhji Dabhi

The Dabhi (ડાભી) are a Rajput clan found in the state of Gujarat in India. They are a clan of the Kushwaha Rajputs, and as such are Shuryavansh. The Dabhi are found mainly in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Dabhi is Descent Of Shri Ram. Dabhi is Created by valmiki Rushi. Kusha is original meaning Of Dabhi.

According to Ramayana, pregnant Sita was banished from the kingdom of Ayodhya by Rama due to the gossip. She then took refuge in the ashram of the sage Valmiki located on the banks of the Tamsa River. In some versions, Lava was born at the ashram and Kusha (Dabhi) was created by Valmiki with a dry grass and supply soul of rishi Shambuka in Kusha's effigy and were educated and trained in military skills and given many natural power under the tutelage of Valmiki. In some versions Sita gave birth to twin sons.


The Dabhi claim descent from an ascetic named Dabshilim, who had a claim to the throne. At his request Mahmud of Ghazni carried him to Ghazni for safe custody another Dabshilim, a relative whose pretensions the newly made king dreaded, and detained him until king Dabshilim was securely seated on his throne, when he sent him back to Gujarat at the king's request. When the prisoner approached Anhilvara the king, according to custom, went forth to meet him, and, arriving at the appointed spot before him, passed the time in hunting. At length, overpowered by the heat and by fatigue, he lay down under a tree to rest, covering his face with a red handkerchief. A bird of prey, taking the handkerchief for a piece of flesh, swooped down upon it and, driving his talons into the king's eyes, destroyed his sight. One so injured was disqualified from reigning, and the prisoner Dabshilim, arriving at that moment, was acclaimed by the popular voice as king, while the blinded man was confined in the dungeon under the throne-room which he had destined for his relative.

Dabhi Kings[edit]

The family of Dangarwa State migrated from Bhildigarh ancestor of Thakur Maherajsinhji, Thakur of Bhildigarh in the year 1250 & before they migrated from Mahuba-Khergarh in Rajasthan and established their Gaddi at Rudardi,Kushki (now sabarkanth) & than Dangarawa(Mahesana) in Gujarat The state was founded before 1300 by Maharaja Vejalsinhji Dabhi who came from Bhildigarh. he also won Dangarwa and around Villages and after he adjoined Dangarwa and named the Dabhigarh/Vijalwad/Dangarwa and also established Gaddi over there.

Maharaja Vejalsinhji Dabhi was the most prominent king of the Dabhi dynasty, a dynasty which ruled Dangarwa after migrated from Bhildigarh. [[1]]

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