Dacalana cotys

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White-banded royal
Dacalana cotys.JPG
Scientific classification
D. cotys
Binomial name
Dacalana cotys
(Hewitson, 1865)

Dacalana cotys, the white-banded royal [1] is a species of blue butterfly (Lycaenidae) found in South East Asia.


The butterfly occurs in India from Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh.[2] eastwards and across to northern Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar.[2] and Thailand.[1][3]


The butterfly was previously classified as Pratapa cotys,[3] Ancema cotys[4] and Camana cotys.[5]


Not common as per Wynter-Blyth.[6] Not rare as per Evans.[3]

Dacalana cotys Courvoisier Collection, Basel


The butterfly has a wingspan of 33 to 37 mm.

The upperside of the male is a bright azure blue with a black border at the apex ranging from 0.5 to 5 mm at the apex. On the hindwing is a mid-costal white patch. The male has a brand on the upperside of the forewing. The female is paler with a prominent white patch at the end cell of the forewing.

On the underside, the butterfly has a white band on a pale-brown background which broadens towards the costa and dorsum. There is a lot of seasonal variation in the band width.[7]

Habit and habitat[edit]

It is mostly seen in wooded slopes of Himalaya. They are confined to forested area, often in the upper canopy. Males are often seen mud-puddling.[2]

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