Dachstein Mountains

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Dachstein Mountains
Dachstein Para.JPG
Aerial shot of the Dachstein from ca. 3,600m. Left: the Lower Dachstein: Rear: the Gjaidstein
Highest point
Peak Hoher Dachstein
Elevation 2,995 m (9,826 ft)
Length 50 km (31 mi)
Dachstein Mountains (in red) within the Alps.The borders of the range according toAlpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
Dachstein Mountains (in red) within the Alps.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
Country Austria
States/Provinces Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg
Range coordinates 47°31′N 13°40′E / 47.52°N 13.66°E / 47.52; 13.66Coordinates: 47°31′N 13°40′E / 47.52°N 13.66°E / 47.52; 13.66
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps

The Dachstein Mountains (German: Dachsteingebirge) are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps.

The term is used by the Austrian Alpine Club in its classification of the Eastern Alps as one of the 24 sub-ranges of the Northern Limestone Alps (AVE No. 14).

The Dachstein range includes:


The Dachstein Mountains are bordered as follows:[1]


The two individual peaks of Grimming and Sarstein were counted as part of the Dachstein range because both have been broken off the Dachstein limestone block, even though they are quite separate from a hydrographic and orographic perspective. This classification appeared as early as 1924 in the Moriggl Division of the Alps.

The dividing lines are:

  • Hallstättersee and Koppentraun to Sarstein
  • from Bad Mitterndorf on the Salzabach including the Salza Reservoir to Grimming – here the Dachstein Glacier has carved out another valley which is drained by the Kainischtraun to the north and the Grimmingbach to the south, and which forms the natural landscape division with the Totes Gebirge. In between the Salza crosses the valley in a curious way, and forms a narrow gorge (Salzaschlucht) between Grimming and Kemetgebirge, the eastern edge of the Dachstein plateau.


Panoramic view of the Dachstein with description of main peaks.
Panorama of Dachstein as seen from Krippenstein


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