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Scientific classification Edit this classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Gymnosperms
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Araucariales
Family: Podocarpaceae
Genus: Dacrydium
Type species
Dacrydium cupressinum
Solander ex Forster

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  • Corneria Bobrov & Melikian non Furtado
  • Gaussenia Bobrov & Melikian
  • Metadacrydium Baum.-Bod. ex Melikian & Bobrov

Dacrydium is a genus of conifers belonging to the podocarp family Podocarpaceae. Sixteen species of evergreen dioecious trees and shrubs are presently recognized. The genus was first described by Solander in 1786, and formerly included many more species, which were divided into sections A, B, and C by Florin in 1931. The revisions of de Laubenfels and Quinn (see references), reclassified the former section A as the new genus Falcatifolium, divided Section C into new genera Lepidothamnus, Lagarostrobos and Halocarpus, and retained Section B as genus Dacrydium.


Phylogeny of Dacrydium[1][2]

D. cupressinum Solander ex Forster (rimu, red pine)

D. balansae Brongniart & Gris

D. nausoriense de Laubenfels

D. araucarioides Brongniart & Gris

D. nidulum de Laubenfels

D. guillauminii Buchholz (Cat-tail Rimu)

D. lycopodioides Brongniart & Gris

D. elatum (Roxburgh) Wallich ex Hooker

D. pectinatum de Laubenfels

D. magnum de Laubenfels

D. xanthandrum Pilger

D. gibbsiae Stapf

D. beccarii Parlatore

D. comosum Corner

D. gracile de Laubenfels

Image Scientific name Distribution
Dacrydium araucarioides New Caledonia
Dacrydium balansae New Caledonia
Dacrydium beccarii Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands
Dacrydium comosum Peninsular Malaysia
Dacrydium cupressinum New Zealand
Dacrydium cornwalliana Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
Dacrydium elatum Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Dacrydium ericoides Malaysia
Dacrydium gibbsiae Borneo, Mount Kinabalu
Dacrydium gracile Malaysia
Dacrydium guillauminii New Caledonia
Dacrydium leptophyllum Indonesia
Dacrydium lycopodioides New Caledonia
Dacrydium magnum Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
Dacrydium medium Indonesia, Malaysia
Dacrydium nausoriense Fiji
Dacrydium nidulum Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
Dacrydium novo-guineense Papua New Guinea
Dacrydium pectinatum Borneo, Hainan, Philippines, Sumatra
Dacrydium spathoides Indonesia
Dacrydium xanthandrum Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines


The natural range of Dacrydium extends from New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands through Malesia (New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines), to Thailand and southern China.


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