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Dadi is a Turkish remake of The Nanny, one of the most successful sitcoms in the US in the 90's. The program is set in Istanbul.

It is broadcast to countries outside Turkey such as Australia, where it is shown on SBS.


Melek Özbal (Gülben Ergen)[Fran Fine], fresh out of her job as a bridal consultant in her boyfriend's shop is working as a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman when she stumbles onto the opportunity to become the nanny to the children of a wealthy media tycoon, Ömer Giritli (Kenan Isik)[Maxwell Shefield]. Once Melek realizes Giritli is not only wealthy but also a widower, she eagerly takes the job.

It's a situation of blue-collar meets blue blood, as Melek gives the prim-and-proper and his problem children a dose of "street-smart logic," helping them become a healthy, happy family. Melek discovers she's got a lot of work to do with the three Giritli youngsters. Dilara (Sinem Kobal) is a pretty, yet insecure teenager in need of a boost in self-esteem. Convinced he doesn't need a nanny, Tolga (Yasar Abravaya) is a master at mischievous pranks and tormenting his sisters. Eight-year-old Duygu (Gökçe Uzuner) is a serious child who dotes on her daily sessions with her therapist. Proudly running the Giritli household is the butler Pertev (Haldun Dormen), who watches all events with a bemused eye and levels problems with his quick wit. Pertev quickly recognizes Melek's gift at bringing warmth back to the family. Suzan (Seray Sever), Ömer's socialite business associate, views Melek with a mixture of skepticism and jealousy, as she has designs on the very available Giritli herself.


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