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OriginTrondheim, Norway
GenresElectronica, jazz
Years active1995–present
LabelsEmArcy Records
MembersKristin Asbjørnsen
Jostein Ansnes
Bjørn Ole Solberg
Eirik Øien
Martin Viktor Langlie
Past membersMartin Smidt
Carl Haakon Waadeland
Kenneth Kapstad

Dadafon (established in 1995 in Trondheim, Norway) is a Norwegian experimental jazz band, originally called Coloured Moods (name changed in 2000), initiated by drummer Martin Smidt, and including Kristin Asbjørnsen (vocals), Carl Haakon Waadeland (drums), Jostein Ansnes and Bjørn Ole Solberg. The band has African music influences.[1][2]

Lead singer Kristin Asbjørnsen brings an authority to their sound that many female rock singers may shy away from as she not only has the range to lead such a strong band of musicians, but also the vocal power to take their songs to new heights. They performs songs in Norwegian and English. Dadafon and Kristin Asbjønsen, perform most of the songs on the Factotum sound track, like slow day.[1][2]

Band members[edit]

Present members[edit]

  • Kristin Asbjørnsen - vocals (1995- )
  • Jostein Ansnes - guitar (1995- )
  • Bjørn Ole Solberg - saxophone (1995- )
  • Øyvind Engen - cello (2004- )
  • Eirik Øien - bass (2002- )
  • Martin Viktor Langlie - drums (2004- )

Past members[edit]


  • 1998: Coloured Moods (Rim Records)
  • 2001: And I Can't Stand Still (Rim Records)
  • 2002: Visitor (Via Music)[3]
  • 2004: Harbour (Universal Spain)[4][5]
  • 2005: Lost Love Chords (EmArcy Records)[6]
  • 2006: Factotum (Milan), music for the film by Bent Hammer


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