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Not to be confused with Dadagiri Unlimited.
For the Zee Bangla show, see Dadagiri Unlimited. For the 1987 Hindi film, see Dadagiri (film).
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 4
Running time 1 hour
Production company(s) UTV Television
Original network Bindass
Picture format (480p) (SDTV)
(720p) (HDTV)
Original release 2008 – 2011

Dadagiri is an Indian reality show that premiered on Bindass in 2008. The title of the show was derived from a word commonly used by the Bengali community.[not verified in body]


In its first season, called Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies premiered in 2008, contestants were selected every week and would compete for a prize money of Rs. 50,000. It was hosted Akash and had 3 "bull": Vishal as "The Beast", Srman as "The Mindstein", and Esha as "The Goddess"and Quaiser Jamal as a juicy the chef[citation needed]

The second season premiered in 2009 and featured 12 contenders competing for a prize of Rs. 1,000,000. It became the highest-rated program among Indian youth TV channels in that year. It had 2 bullies; Vishal returned as "The Beast" for the second season, and Sonalli Sehgall replaced Esha as "The Goddess".

The third season premiered in 2010, D3 Commando Force: Dadagiri Against Terrorism, also had cash prize.[citation needed]

The fourth and final season premiered in 2011, titled Dadagiri: The Revenge of the Sexes, featured two groups divided by gender. The male team was led by Vishal as "The Beast" and the female team by Shaurya as "The Goddess".[citation needed]


In one episode, "Esha, the Goddess" slapped a contestant named Ravi Bhatia (an unscripted physical attack) He immediately slapped her in response before instigating a brief, antagonistic verbal exchange. This resulted in the male host (and several other members of the crew) attacking Bhatia while he repeatedly asked "How can she slap [me]? [sic]", with the crew appearing to be slow in breaking them up. Bhatia subsequently sent a legal notice to the producers, asking for a public apology.[1]


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