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Dadao, formerly romanized ta-tao, may refer to:

  • dadao (大刀, p dàdāo, lit. "big knife"), a machete-like variety of the Chinese sabre
    • "The Sword March", a Chinese song during the Second Sino-Japanese War (World War II) which begins Dadao!
  • Tao, the "Great Way" (大道, p Dàdào) of Eastern philosophy
    • The Great Way Government of Shanghai (1937–38) during the early stages of the Second Sino-Japanese War (World War II)
  • Various avenues (大道) in China

See also[edit]

  • Twatutia, an area of Taipei on Taiwan known in Chinese as Dadaocheng (大稻埕, p Dàdàochéng, w Ta-tao-ch‘eng)