Daddy's Daughters

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Daddy's Daughters
Daddy's Daughters.jpg
Written byAlex Trotsyuk, Vitaly Shlyappo, Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, Leonid Kuprido
Directed byAlexander Zhigalkin
Sergei Aldonin
Country of originRussia
Original languageRussian
No. of seasons20
No. of episodes410
ProducersVyacheslav Murugov
Alexander Rodnyansky
Constantine Kikichev
Running time24 minutes
Original networkSTS
Original release3 September 2007 (2007-09-03) –
30 April 2013 (2013-04-30)

Daddy's Daughters (Russian: Папины дочки, romanizedPapiny Dochki) is a Russian TV series produced from 2007 to 2013. Made by "Kinokonstanta" (episodes 1 to 60) and "Kostafilm" (since episode 61) film companies, it is characterized by various aspects of life — family, love, work, study, and friendship. The series has very high television ratings and has won multiple awards (received four "TEFI"[1][2]). Unlike many other contemporary Russian sitcoms, this is an original series, and is not an adaptation of a foreign show.


Protagonist Sergei Vasnetsov (Andrei Leonov), a family therapist from a small private clinic, was in a deplorable situation. His wife, Lyudmila Vasnetsova (Nonna Grishayeva), left him for a hockey player. To make matters worse, his practice is all but collapsing, as all of his patients have left. His wife's departure leaves their five daughters (Miroslava Karpovich, Anastasia Sivayeva, Darya Melnikova, Elizaveta Arzamasova, Ekaterina Starshova) in his care.



  • Shooting the series began July 13, 2007. Creators and arrangers of the title song "Daddy's Daughters" are brothers Kristovskiy (group «Uma2rman»).
  • At first only 60 episodes were planned. However, because of the huge ratings "Daddy's daughters" was continued.
  • "Daddy's Daughters" is the first Russian TV series to get adapted by a foreign channel. German channel Das Vierte began shooting a German remake called "Ein Haus voller Töchter" in spring 2009[3] and started broadcasting it in August 2010. However, "Ein Haus voller Töchter" received very poor ratings and very poor critical reception. It was panned for its poor and clichéd writing and its overuse of canned laughter. Jan Schlüter of concluded that "television could hardly get worse".[4]
  • Angelina Varganova who played Olga Antonova died on January 4, 2013, from pneumonia at the age of 41, before she could finish the storyline of the character.[5]


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