Daddy's Deadly Darling

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Daddy's Deadly Darling
Poster for 'Pigs' A.K.A. 'Daddy's Deadly Darling'
Directed by Marc Lawrence
Produced by Marc Lawrence
Donald Reynolds
Written by Marc Lawrence
Starring Toni Lawrence
Marc Lawrence
Jesse Vint
Paul Hickey
Katharine Ross
Music by Charles Bernstein
Cinematography Irv Goodnoff
Glenn Roland
Edited by Irv Goodnoff
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
August 16, 1972
Running time
80 minutes
Language English

Daddy's Deadly Darling (also titled Pigs, Daddy's Girl, The Strange Love Exorcist and Roadside Torture Chamber) is a 1972 horror film directed by Marc Lawrence and currently distributed by Troma Entertainment.[citation needed]

Toni Lawrence plays Lynn Webster, an escapee from a mental hospital who takes refuge in a local farm inhabited by Mr. Zambrini and his pack of flesh-eating pigs. When Lynn starts killing people who remind her of her abusive father, Zambrini feeds the remains to his sadistic sows. However, law enforcement starts to catch up with the two of them.[citation needed]

Tagline: Once the pigs tasted one could control their hunger!!

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