Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969 film)

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Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
Daddy Gone A-Hunting poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Mark Robson
Produced by Mark Robson
Screenplay by Larry Cohen
Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
Starring Carol White
Paul Burke
Scott Hylands
Music by John Williams
Cinematography Ernest Laszlo
Edited by Dorothy Spencer
Distributed by National General Pictures
Release date
  • July 2, 1969 (1969-07-02)
Running time
108 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $2.9 million (US/ Canada rentals)[1]

Daddy's Gone A-Hunting is a 1969 thriller film directed by Mark Robson and starring Carol White, Paul Burke, and Scott Hylands. Its title comes from the lullaby "Bye, baby Bunting".

This is the first film directed by Robson after his 1967 box-office hit Valley of the Dolls. It bears no relationship to the 1925 silent film of the same name.


Cathy Palmer (White), a young British woman, comes to San Francisco to live. There she meets Kenneth Daly (Hylands), a relationship develops and she becomes pregnant, but when Cathy sees another side of Kenneth's personality, she elects to break off their engagement and abort the pregnancy.

Sometime later, Cathy meets and marries Jack Byrnes (Burke), who has political ambitions. Kenneth, however, continues to be disturbed by the way Cathy ended their romance, and soon comes back into her life. After Cathy gives birth to Jack's baby, Kenneth demands that she kill the child as retribution for the one she aborted earlier.


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