Daddy-Long-Legs (1919 film)

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Daddy Long Legs Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Produced by Mary Pickford
Written by Jean Webster (story)
Agnes Christine Johnston
Based on Daddy-Long-Legs
by Jean Webster
Starring Mary Pickford
Milla Davenport
Mahlon Hamilton
Cinematography Henry Cronjager
Distributed by First National Pictures
Release date
  • May 11, 1919 (1919-05-11)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles
Box office $1.25 million[1]

Daddy-Long-Legs is a 1919 silent comedy-drama film directed by Marshall Neilan, and based on Jean Webster's novel Daddy-Long-Legs. The film stars Mary Pickford.[2][3]


A police officer finds a baby in a trash can, and Mrs. Lippett, the cruel matron at an orphanage where children are made to work, names her "Jerusha Abbott" (she picks "Abbott" out of a phone book and gets "Jerusha" from a tombstone). The orphan, who comes to be called Judy, does what she can to stand up for the younger children, frequently clashing with both Mrs. Lippett and the cold hearted trustees. At one point she leads a rebellion against being served prunes with every meal and at another, steals a doll from a selfish rich girl to lend to a dying orphan.

Years later, wealthy Jervis Pendleton, a mysterious benefactor, pays to send Judy, now the oldest and most talented child in the orphanage, to college. He insists, however, that Judy must never try to contact him in person. Judy calls him "Daddy-Long-Legs," and writes to him, however. Judy proves popular with her wealthier and more "aristocratic" classmates, and writes a successful book to repay "Daddy-Long-Legs" the money he spent on her. She is generally happy but misses not having any real family members to take pride in her accomplishments. Judy also finds herself caught up in a romantic triangle with the older brother of a classmate and an older man (who is, unknown to her, her mysterious benefactor). She eventually chooses the older suitor and is delighted to learn that he is her "Daddy-Long-Legs."



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