Daddy (2004 film)

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Film poster
Directed by Vladimir Mashkov
Written by Aleksandr Galich
Starring Vladimir Mashkov
Cinematography Oleg Dobronravov
Release date
  • 26 June 2004 (2004-06-26)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Russia
Language Russian

Daddy (Russian: Папа, translit. Papa) is a 2004 Russian drama film directed by and starring Vladimir Mashkov. It was entered into the 26th Moscow International Film Festival.[1]


Abraham Schwartz, a bookkeeper living in a small town in Ukraine, makes everything possible to educate his son as a violinist and to send him to Moscow where the latter is educated, earns popularity and finds his love. But when the father comes to Moscow to see his son, the latter feels embarrassed of his "improper" origin, "ugly" look and behaviour. Soon a war erupts, and the home town is taken by Germans while the son serves in the army.



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