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"Daddy Cleanhead" is the stage name of Fred Higgins (died 1960s), the older brother of Chuck Higgins. He was known for singing "Something's Goin' On In My Room" (1954).[1] Gary Susman of The Boston Phoenix describes the record an "obscure gem".[2]

He regularly sang vocals with his brother's band.[3][4]

He was recorded with them on the following singles

  • "Broke" / "I'll Be There" (1954)[5]
  • "One More Time" / "Dye Ooh Mambo" (1954)[5]
  • "Papa Charlie" (1954)[5]
  • "Something's Goin' On In My Room" / "Let Me Come Back Home" (1955) Specialty Records[5]
  • "Shotgun Wedding"[5]

and on the following songs from albums

  • "Big Fat Mama" (1974)[5]
  • "Papa Charlie" (2006)[5]
  • "Real Gone Hound Dog" (2006)[5]

and is included in the compilation

  • Cool Daddy—The Central Avenue Scene 1951-1957, Vol.3[5]


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