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Daddy Long Legs (born Michael Bowe in Long Island, New York)[1] is a co-founder of the band The Bloodhound Gang, which he left after their first major release Use Your Fingers. After he and M.S.G. left The Bloodhound Gang, they formed a group called WOLFPAC. They released their first tape Evil Is As Evil Does. Soon after they released their first album Somethin' Wicked This Way Comes and their first full-length album Evil Is....

Daddy owns his own production company SugarDaddy Productions. He released a 2-disc compilation When There's No More Room In Hell: Volume I featuring over 38 underground artists, including WOLFPAC.

Daddy also collaborated on Insane Clown Posse's remix album Wraith: Remix Albums, by remixing two songs; "Get Ya Wicked On" and "In My Room" with scratches by Philly underground MC and DJ Lightborn.


Bloodhound Gang[edit]

  • Bang Chamber 8 (1990)
  • Just Another Demo (1993)
  • Hitler's Handicapped Helpers (1994)
  • Dingleberry Haze (1994)
  • Use Your Fingers (1995)


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