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DAE or Dae may refer to:

As an acronym[edit]


  • Dae Dae (born 1992), American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
  • Dae Gak (born 1947), Zen master and guiding teacher of Furnace Mountain, Clay City, Kentucky, U.S.
  • Dae Hui Cho, professional Warcraft III competition
  • Dae Imlani (born 1954), Filipino swimmer
  • Dae Kwang (born 1944), guiding teacher of the Providence Zen Center, Cumberland, Rhode Island, U.S.
  • Dae Sung Lee (born 1958), Korean-American master of taekwondo
  • Kings of Balhae, 698–926, in Korea

Other uses[edit]

  • Dae (film), a 1979 Yugoslavian short documentary film directed by Stole Popov
  • Dae Jang-gum, a 2003 Korean television series directed by Lee Byung-hoon