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Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Limited liability company
(Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
Industry Video Game Software development
Founded 2007
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Key people
Carsten Fichtelmann (Geschäftsführer), Jan Müller-Michaelis (Creative Director)
Products Video games
Number of employees
Website http://www.daedalic.de/en

Daedalic Entertainment is a German video game software development and publishing company, which has its place of business in Hamburg. The company gained outstanding attention with their earlier adventure games "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout" and "The Whispered World".


Before Carsten Fichtelmann founded Daedalic Entertainment GmbH in 2007, he had been the marketing director and head of product management at the Hamburger Publisher dtp for six years. Daedalic published their first game on 5 June 2008, which was a humorous adventure game called "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout", which emerged from a thesis by the Creative Director Jan Müller-Michaelis. It has sold very well and received numerous major awards.

Shortly afterwards, the adventure game "1½ Knights – In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde" was published, named after the same film. On 28 August 2009 the adventure game "The Whispered World" followed and the adventure title "A New Beginning", which focuses on climate change, was published on 8 October 2010. In 2011 the sequel to "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout" was released with the title "Harvey’s New Eyes". A year later, a new adventure named "Deponia" was released to the market, which received several awards as well.

In May 2014, German publisher Bastei Lübbe acquired a majority share of 51% in Daedalic Entertainment.[1]


As developer[edit]

As publisher[edit]


For Edna & Harvey: The Breakout:

  • German Developer Award 2008 (Best German Youth Game)
  • German Developer Award 2008 (Best German Adventures)
  • Lara-Award 2009 (LARA Kids Award)
  • Adventure of the year 2008 (Gamestar)
  • Adventure of the year 2008 (4Players)
  • Nominated for Best PC Game 2008 (child software price TOMMI)
  • red dot design award: Best of the Best 2009 in the category "Digital Games"

For The Whispered World:

  • German Developer Award 2009 (Best German Youth Game)
  • German Developer Award 2009 (Best Story)
  • German Computer Game Award 2009 (winner "Best Youth Game")

For A New Beginning:

  • German Developer Award 2010 (Best German Youth Game)
  • German Developer Award 2010 (Best Story)
  • German Developer Award 2010 (Best Soundtrack)
  • German Computer Game Award 2011 (Best German Game)
  • German Computer Game Award 2011 (Best Youth Game)

For Chaos on Deponia:

  • German Developer Award 2012 (Best Adventure Game)
  • German Computer Game Award 2013 (Best German Game)

For Winterfest – The Learning Game:

  • Lara-Award 2010 (LARA Education Award)
  • E-learning competition EureleA 2011 (Best Educational Media)
  • Serious Games Award 2011 (Serious Games Award Gold)

For The Skillz:

  • Serious Games Award 2010 (Serious Games Award Bronze)
  • German Developer Award 2010 (Best German educational game)

For Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes:

  • German Developer Award 2011 (Best Adventure)
  • German Developer Award 2011 (Best Youth Game)
  • German Developer Award 2011 (Best Story)
  • German Developer Award 2011 (Best Art Design)
  • German Computer Game Award 2012 (Best Youth Game)

For Living Stories – The lost Heart:

  • German Developer Award 2011 (Best Children's Game)

As studio:

  • German Developer Award 2009 (Studio of the Year)
  • German Developer Award 2013 (Studio of the Year)


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