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ex 55
Expressway No.55
Daegu-Busan Expressway
Route information
Length: 82.05 km (50.98 mi)
Existed: 2006 – present
Major junctions
South end: Korea Expressway No.55.svg Daedong Junction, Busan
North end: Korea Expressway No.1.svg East Daegu Junction, Daegu
Highway system

Highway systems of South Korea

Daegu–Busan Expressway
Revised Romanization Daegu Busan Gosokdoro
McCune–Reischauer Taegu Pusan Kosoktoro

The Daegu–Busan Expressway is an expressway in southeastern South Korea, connecting the cities of Busan and Daegu. Officially, it is part of Jungang Expressway, but some maps use this name for this section. There is also a short branch line at the southern end of the expressway, numbered 551. It is 82 kilometers long, with two lanes of traffic in each direction and eight interchanges. It shares the number "55" with the Jungang Expressway, which runs north from Daegu.

The estimated travel time between the two cities is roughly 1 hour, saving about half an hour over the previous travel time on the Gyeongbu Expressway.[1] The toll for a passenger car is 8,500 won, slightly less than the cost of a KTX ticket between the two cities.

Construction was completed in February 2006, at a total cost of slightly over 1 trillion won. The project was overseen by Hyundai Development Company, also known as I-Park, which has promoted the project under the name "I-Way." It was heavily supported by loans from the Korean Road Infrastructure Fund operated by Australia's Macquarie Bank. The term of the financing is 30 years.


  • February 12th, 2001 : Under Construction
  • January 2005 : East Daegu Junction ~ East Daegu IC Section opened the traffic.
  • January 15th, 2006 : All Section Opened the Traffic.



  • 4 Lanes


  • Total: 82.05 km

Speed limit[edit]

  • All segment of Daegu-Busan Expressway are 100 km/h

List of facilities[edit]

  • IC: Interchange, JC: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG:Tollgate
No. Name Korean Name Hanja Name Connections Notes Location
Connected directly with Korea Expressway No.55.svg Samrak~Daedong Expressway
3 Daedong JC 대동분기점 大東分岐點 Korea Expressway No.551.svg Gimhae~Yangsan Expressway Begin Spot of
Daegu-Busan BTL Expressway
TG Gimhae·Busan TG 김해·부산요금소 金海·釜山料金所 Main Tollate
4 Sangdong IC 상동나들목 上東나들목 Provincial Route 60
5 Samnangjin IC 삼랑진나들목 三浪津나들목 Korea National Route No.58.svg National Route 58 Milyang,
6 S. Milyang IC 남밀양나들목 南密陽나들목 Korea National Route No.25.svg National Route 25
7 Milyang IC 밀양나들목 密陽나들목 Korea National Route No.24.svg National Route 24
Milyang JC 밀양분기점 密陽分岐點 Korea Expressway No.14.svg Hamyang-Ulsan Expressway
SA Cheongdo Saemaeul SA 청도새마을휴게소 淸道새마을休憩所 Cheongdo,
8 Cheongdo IC 청도나들목 淸道나들목 Korea National Route No.20.svg National Route 20,
Korea National Route No.25.svg National Route 25
9 Suseong IC 수성나들목 壽城나들목 Korea National Route No.25.svg National Route 25 Suseong,
TG Daegu TG 대구요금소 大邱料金所 Main Tollate
10 E. Daegu IC 동대구나들목 東大邱나들목 Korea National Route No.4.svg National Route 4
11 E. Daegu JC 동대구분기점 東大邱分岐點 Korea Expressway No.1.svg Gyeongbu Expressway() Ending Spot of
Daegu-Busan BTL Expressway
Interchange numbered after 12 is belonged to Korea Expressway No.55.svg Jungang Expressway

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