Daegu Metro

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Daegu Metro
South Korea subway logo.svg
DMSC Daegu Subway 1 Jungangno Station.jpg
Jungangno Station
OwnerCity of Daegu
LocaleDaegu, South Korea
Transit typeRapid transit and Monorail
Number of lines2 rapid transit
1 monorail
Number of stations59 (rapid transit only)[1]
89 (incl. monorail)
Began operation26 November 1997
Operator(s)Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation
System length57.3 km (35.6 mi)
(rapid transit only)[1]
81.2 km (50.5 mi)
(incl. monorail)
System map

Daegu subway linemap en.svg

Daegu Metro
Revised RomanizationDaegu dosicheoldo
McCune–ReischauerTaegu tosich'ŏlto
Daegu Metro map-geo.png

Daegu Metro (Hangul대구도시철도; Hanja大邱都市鐵道; RRDaegu dosicheoldo) serves primarily the South Korean city of Daegu.


Line Name
Line Name
Starting Station(s) Ending Station(s) Stations Total Length
Rapid transit:
Daegu Metro Line 1.svg 1호선 Seolhwa-Myeonggok Ansim 32[1] 28.4 km[1]
Daegu Metro Line 2.svg 2호선 Munyang Yeungnam Univ. 29[1] 31.4 km[1]
Daegu Metro Line 3.svg 3호선 KNU Medical Center Yongji 30 23.9 km

Line 1[edit]

Line 1 was the site of the Daegu subway fire of 2003, when an arsonist set fire to a train in rush hour and killed nearly 200 people.

Line 2[edit]

Line 2 was completed in October 2005.

Line 3[edit]

Line 3, which is a monorail (unlike Lines 1 and 2), was completed and opened in April 2015.

Lines under construction[edit]

AGT line[edit]

The transport department has approved plans to build an Automated Guideway Transit line. The Color Of AGT line is Purple


The fare is 1,200 won for a token to any stop on the subway and only 1,100 won with the use of a transportation card.

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