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Daejan Holdings plc
Traded asLSEDJAN
HeadquartersLondon, England
Key people
Benzion Freshwater, Chairman and CEO
Revenue£140.7 million (2017)[1]
£211.3 million (2017)[1]
£162.1 million (2017)[1]

Daejan Holdings is a British-based property business, part of the Freshwater Group of companies. It has its headquarters at Freshwater House, Shaftesbury Avenue and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


The Company was formed in 1935 as Daejan Samoedra Estates Ltd to acquire rubber and coffee plantations in the Dutch East Indies, today's Indonesia, mostly on the island of Java.[2] In 1949 an insurrection which led to the independence of Indonesia resulted in a number of plantations being occupied or destroyed. In 1959 Osias Freshwater reversed his property business (a number of landmark buildings in London) into the company and this is now its sole activity. The name of the Company changed to Daejan Holdings Limited.[2][3] In 2012 Daejan bought 139-143 Oxford Street for £12.8 million.[4]


Daejan is organised into two geographic segments - UK and US - of investment properties: residential and commercial. As at 31 March 2018, its portfolio was valued at £2.4bn. [5]

Its UK portfolio is managed by Highdorn, itself part of the Freshwater Group of Companies too. Freshwater Property Management is one of the worst property company in the UK according to customers reviews due to excessive service charges to leaseholders and poor quality of service.[6]


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