Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries

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Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries S.A.
Joint Venture
Industry Ship building, ship conversion and repair
Founded 1997
Headquarters Mangalia, Romania
Key people
Jang Yoon Keun, President
Paul Ilicenco, Vice-President
Products Vessels, Bulk carriers, Container ships, PCTC
Revenue Increase US$ 700 mln[1] (2008)
Increase US$ 35 mln[1] (2008)
Number of employees
6,800[1] (2014)
Parent Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Website www.dmhi.ct.ro

Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries or DMHI is a large shipyard located 45 kilometres (28 mi) south of the Port of Constanţa, in Mangalia, Romania. It was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between South Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and the 2 Mai Shipyard in Mangalia.[2] Since it was founded the company built over 127 new ships and repaired around 300 ships.[3]


The shipyard is spread over an area of 980,000 square metres (10,500,000 sq ft), has three dry docks with a total length of 982 metres (3,222 ft) and 1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi) of berths.[4] In 2002 the company delivered two tankers of 42,500 DWT to the Norwegian company Kleven Floro used for the transportation of orange juice.[5] One of the main customers of the shipyard is the German company Hamburg Süd which ordered six container ships of around 6,000 TEU each, and seven ships of 7,100 TEU each as well as four tugboats.[6] The company also signed in 2005 an agreement with Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., NSB Niederelbe, Gebab and Conti Reederei companies for the construction of 12 container ships of around 5,000 TEU each that will be delivered in stages until 2011 at a total cost of US$1.1 billion.[6]

Goliath Crane[edit]

In 2008 the shipyard bought the largest gantry crane in North America, the Goliath Crane, formerly located in Quincy, Massachusetts from the General Dynamics company.[7] Built in 1975, the crane, nicknamed Goliath, Big Blue, The Dog or Horse, has a height of 100 metres (330 ft), a span of 126 metres (413 ft), a weight of 3,000 tonnes (6,600,000 lb) and a lifting capacity of 1,200 tonnes (2,600,000 lb).[8] The cranes's re-assembly has been under way since March 2009.


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