Dafino vino crveno

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"Dafino vino crveno" (Cyrillic: Дафино вино црвено, English translation: Red Wine Dafina) is а folk song from the region of Macedonia. It is about a girl called Dafina and her boyfriend.

Explanation of the lyrics[edit]

According to the lyrics of the song, some hajduti stole the coat of Dafina's boyfriend while he had fallen asleep on the mountain Karakamen (situated nowadays in Greece) and then sold it for wine and rakia.[1]

Interpretations of the song[edit]

This song has been performed by many Macedonian folk singers such as: Nikola Badev, Goce Arnaudov, and Ibush Ibraimovski. There also exist non-folk versions of the song, such as the one by Nigel Kennedy, Karolina, Garo and the Tavitjan brothers; this cover was made as a part of the project "Makedonija zasekogash" in which various Macedonian pop stars perform several traditional folk songs.[2]


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