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Daftmill distillery chimney.jpg
Region: Lowland
LocationCupar, Fife
Coordinates56°17′50.10″N 3°06′14.34″W / 56.2972500°N 3.1039833°W / 56.2972500; -3.1039833Coordinates: 56°17′50.10″N 3°06′14.34″W / 56.2972500°N 3.1039833°W / 56.2972500; -3.1039833
Water sourceCupar / Daftmill spring
No. of stills1 wash still
1 spirit still
Capacity2,500 litre wash still / 1,500 litre spirit still

Daftmill Distillery is a new single malt Scotch whisky distillery, located in a converted barn at Daftmill Farm in the Howe of Fife.

The distillery was granted a licence by HMRC in 2005 to produce whisky and the first whisky was produced on 16 December 2005.[1][2]

Built in a converted meal mill and using un-peated malt, Daftmill has a maximum production capacity of only 20,000 litres of alcohol per year, making it a very low-volume distillery.[3] Their first release was introduced as Daftmill 2005 12–Year Inaugural Release. All the grain used in distillation is produced on the farm.[4][5]

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